7/7 Letters to the Editor

*Citizens thanked for involvement*MINET gets A+ for service, caring*Upkeep of Ballston Park appreciated*Local businesses need city's support

Citizens thanked

for involvement

Wisdom, experience, perspective, vision and passion for the community. Twenty citizens brought all of these and spent the better part of a day during our recent city manager search, providing an invaluable perspective to the members of the city council and myself.

Thank you so very much for taking the time and lending your talents to our community. It's people like these that make Independence a wonderful place and that gives us the opportunity to continue moving forward.

On behalf of myself, the city council, the citizens of Independence and the whole region, a hearty and well-earned thank you.

John McArdle, mayor


MINET gets A+

for service, caring

I am a MINET customer, and have both a personal and business account. When I first decided to switch to MINET, it was because I wanted to support a local business. I was also tired of the poor customer service I received from my previous phone, Internet, and cable providers, and I wanted to see if MINET could do better.

Well, not only have they done better, they have exceeded expectations in providing a quality product, coupled with superior customer service. When customer service is needed, MINET's response is immediate and personal. I am not put on hold for an extended waiting period, nor do I have to push a myriad of numbers to reach a human being. Their front line staff is always courteous and friendly. In addition to their superior customer service, MINET demonstrates a strong commitment to being a "member" of their community. If you attend any of Monmouth and Independence's community meetings and/or events, you will most likely find a MINET representative there.

Last summer, with the support of MINET management, the field staff committed more than 500 hours of their time, providing mentoring and on-the-job training to local youth.

I appreciate having MINET as a choice among technology service providers. I would invite the citizens of the Monmouth-Independence community to continue their strong support of local businesses, and make MINET their choice as well.

Katherine Bartlett


Upkeep of Ballston

Park appreciated

I grew up in the little town of Ballston. I played in the park and attended Sunday school in the "Little Church" in the grove.

They had the annual "Back to Ballston" picnic Sunday, June 27. The park looked wonderful. Polk County takes such good care of the little park.

Thank you.

Alice (Kaltenbach) Down


Local businesses

need city's support

Anybody else realize that we are losing businesses like the plague lately? Now, it seems, we have lost our little hardware store in downtown Dallas.

Do you think it could be because of existing taxes and fees and the threat of more fees and taxes? Do we think we can tax ourselves out of this recession?

Right now is the time our governments need to do everything possible to help strengthen and establish our businesses. What is Dallas doing to encourage and help businesses? We all want nice parks and streets, but what good are they if there is nobody around to enjoy them?

We need to make our chamber of commerce the largest government office in Dallas. Every penny Dallas takes in should be going to keep our businesses on life support until the economy legitimately turns around and to encourage new business.

This just proves that it's easier to spend someone else's money than to learn how to live within your own means.

Randy Wisnia



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