It's the ultimate grill

Local pair knows what outdoor cooks want

DALLAS -- Barbecue season is just around the corner and Dallas-based MAK Grills believes it has just the grill for serious outdoor cooking.

In the 10 months after moving into a new 30,000-square-foot facility, MAK Grills began the push to debut its high-end pellet grills for the 2010 season.

MAK Grills owners Bob and Kerrie Tucker used last year's slowdown at their other Dallas-based metal manufacturing business, MAK Metals, to begin working on the grills.

"It gave us some time to start design and testing," Bob Tucker said.

The end product comprised their wish list of features, combining the benefits of both pellet- and propane-fueled grills.

This stainless steel grill goes far beyond just grilling and smoking. It can double as a convection oven -- meaning you can bake a pie on the grill -- and can quick grill and sear like a propane barbecue.

A temperature control unit, called the Pellet Boss, allows for fast cooking, slow smoking or using programs that alternate temperatures through hours of cooking.

Bob Tucker calls the grill "foolproof" because of another cooking feature: A combination of meat gauges and user programs remove the fear of turning juicy meat into charcoal. Once the gauge reads the programmed temperature, the heat is shut off and cooled to a holding temperature.

"It's a grill you really have to work hard to ruin your food with," said Bruce Bjorkman, MAK Grill's sales and marketing manager.

Another feature that is a favorite of users is the warmer/smoker box that keeps food at serving temperature or can cold-smoke cheese or nuts.

The Tuckers said these features and careful design and manufacture of the grills have won the company a reputation for quality in just months since introducing its grills.

Since January, the company has filled orders for an average of 20 grills a month shipped all over the country in addition to grills sold in the local area.

The grills sell for $1,800 if picked up in person and $2,000 with shipping. MAK Grills is working on more designs to debut in the next few years.

The company has 23 employees. But with plans to manufacture and ship 100 units per month, they may soon need more help. The new facility on Monmouth Cutoff Road has plenty of room for more orders, the Tuckers said.

Bob Tucker is proud that MAK Grills is among only a handful of American pellet grill manufacturers. With the main focus on quality and innovation and not cost, the Tuckers say they are here to stay.

"We will never take our grills to China," Bob Tucker said.


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