5/12 MI Town: Patty Taylor Dutcher

May is the perfect time of year to honor mothers. The cold, dark and rainy days of winter have passed and we celebrate this happy time in the midst of spring flowers, sunshine and the season of new beginnings.

With Mother's Day just past, it's good to reflect upon those who brought us into the world and those who cared for us from our earliest memory; for women who have given us guidance, unconditional love and friendship, and for special teachers and friends that we consider our honorary mothers.

For those of us who are daughters, mothers and grandmothers, it is wonderful to celebrate a happy day with laughter and good times.


Construction continues at MI Town's own Central High School, and something new is happening everyday.

New classrooms are in use and students and teachers are taking advantage of the best and newest technology. Science classrooms and computer labs offer built-in digital projectors and audio systems. Teachers are able to utilize personal computers to help enhance the learning experiences for students.

The new auditorium, with seating for nearly 600 people, the cafeteria and dining area are promised to be completed in time for the 2010-11 academic year. The artificial turf athletic field and the stadium are scheduled to be ready for the opening of Central's football season, with a game against Sisters on Sept. 3.

If you'd like to contribute to the Community Turf Committee, or would like more information about the project, check the school district Web site at www.central.k12.or.us.


Many spring athletic activities are going on at both Central and Western Oregon University, including men's baseball, women's softball, and track and field events. Check the schools' Web sites for upcoming events and have a great time supporting our local athletes.


Do you have a favorite recipe and a story that goes along with it? Did your beloved aunt always make the best chocolate fudge, or were your grandma's cinnamon rolls the most memorable part of your childhood?

It's time to go through the old cookbooks or find the index cards in the kitchen drawer, and bring copies of them to Sue Teal at the Monmouth Senior Center. Plans are under way to publish a cookbook of everyone's favorite family recipes in the future, with proceeds going to the senior center's building fund. If you have any questions, call Sue at 503-838-5678.


Do you have any ideas to share about celebrating the grand reopening of Central High School this fall? CHS staff, school board members and other community members would like to hear from you. Contact the district office at 503-838-0030 for more information.


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