10/13 MI Town: Patty Taylor Dutcher

Last Saturday was a great opportunity for us to clear away those containers of old oil-based paint, garden herbicides and hazardous cleaning supplies and take them to Riverfront Park in Independence.

Thank you to Polk County and MI Town's cities for providing this free service to help with keeping our communities cleaner, and our sheds and garages much safer for our families and our pets.


Those big brown containers supplied to us by Brandt's Sanitary Service really come in handy when we have small limbs, hedge and shrub trimmings to dispose of.

Many of us compost our lawn clippings and other vegetation, but there are times when the yard debris far exceeds the capacity of the container.

Just in time for fall cleanup, MI Town cities are sponsoring a free drop-off day on Saturday, Oct. 30. Bring clean yard debris to the Marr Bros. facility on Highway 99W from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m.


Monmouth Senior Center welcomes all MI Town seniors to dig out those saddle shoes and letter sweaters and travel back to those good old days so we can rock around the clock on Friday, Oct. 15, at 1 p.m.

A disc jockey will be spinning platters of `50s music for dancing, and there will be free hamburgers, hot dogs and root beer floats.

Call 503-838-5678 for more information. Poodle skirts and crinolines are optional.


We've received our Voters' Pamphlets by now and have had the opportunity to read up on the ballot measures, issues and about candidates running for local, statewide and national offices.

Please take the time to learn as much as you can before voting in this -- as well as any -- election, and vote for the candidate who reflects your beliefs and values and not for whoever yells the loudest or has the slickest campaign.

This is our chance to participate in the election process and an informed community can seek out the very best candidates to work for us.


On these days when we can celebrate the increasingly rare sun breaks by getting out for a good walk around MI Town, it's great to wander though the colorful autumn leaves and remember how much fun it was to be a kid.

Somehow, when raking those same leaves and trying to keep the sidewalks clear of wet and soggy clumps of twigs and branches, it becomes a necessary task and there's nothing fun about it.

But when there's a comfy chair beside the fireplace and a steaming cup of hot cider waiting for you when the job is done, a warm cat in your lap and a good old dog at your side, that's all the reward we need.


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