4/13 Letters to the Editor

*Falls City event was big success*Couple steps up for music students*School option levy deserves support*Propes family says thanks for caring*'Gift of sunshine' much appreciated*Central SD board needs

Falls City event

was big success

I would like to send out a huge thank you to all of the Falls City community partners and all of the Falls City community members for making Falls City Community Night on April 5 a fabulous event.

A special thank you to the Falls City Fire Department and The Bread Board for taking time out of your schedule to help with the event.

Amy Houghtaling, mayor

Falls City

Couple steps up

for music students

On behalf of the Oregon Symphony in Salem and as a resident of Dallas, I would like to thank Lane and Francine Shetterly for providing the opportunity for 52 Dallas High School band and choir students to attend Oregon Symphony concerts at Willamette University this season.

Lane and Francine are leaders among donors in the Dallas community, and I appreciate their desire to make the Oregon Symphony concerts accessible for the high school music students.

I cannot thank them enough for their generosity and support.

Bev Shein, president

Oregon Symphony in Salem


School option levy

deserves support

The recession that has reduced state funding to our schools was not our children's or grandchildren's fault.

In May, we vote on a local option levy. If approved, property taxes increase $1 per $1,000 for three years, a small price to pay for our students to have a better chance to become employed and contribute to a better economy. Funds go directly to student academics, elective programs and athletics.

The levy is only a partial answer. There will still be reductions that impact the quality of education in Dallas schools.

A small sacrifice now means bigger rewards in the future.

Lynn and Sherril Hurt


Propes family says

thanks for caring

On behalf of the Mike Propes family, I wish to thank Polk County for all of the wonderful support you gave us with Mike's passing.

Your prayers, cards, letters, flowers and food helped us so much during this time of loss. Through our tragedy your love and the peace of God that surpasses all understanding gave us the strength we needed.

A special thank you to the Polk County Sheriff's Office for your professionalism and your compassion. Thank you to Deputy Elliott and Deputy Case for your watching over my home during Mike's service.

Thank you Faith Evangelical Church for letting us hold Mike's celebration of life service at your beautiful church.

Many, many thank yous to Bollman's Funeral Service in Dallas for your help and guidance throughout Mike's passing. You made our loss easier to handle.

Last, but not least, thank you Polk County voters for electing and re-electing Mike Propes to serve you since 1988. Mike loved Polk County, its citizens, and to be given the opportunity to serve you not only locally but throughout Oregon and the nation.

Polk County and Polk County government are the greatest.

Pam Propes


'Gift of sunshine'

much appreciated

Many thanks to Dave Riddell for planting and maintaining the lovely trees, shrubs and flowers along Highway 99W.

It's like a gift of sunshine to all of us who drive by -- even on a rainy day.

Carol Busby


Central SD board

needs leadership

Susan Stoops, who is facing a recall election this month, claims in her official statement of justification that under her leadership as chairwoman of the Central School Board, "we've been recognized by ODE for closing the achievement gap at the middle and elementary school levels."

That recognition for Talmadge Middle School occurred six months before she joined the board in October 2007. The efforts that led to the award date back to 2002.

True leadership does not mean taking credit for other people's accomplishments, particularly when the "leader" in question played no role whatsoever.

Vote "yes" to recall Susan Stoops.

Kathleen Stanley


Keep Stoops on

our school board

I support Susan Meikle Stoops for the Central School Board.

I have known Susan for several years, and find her commitment to children's education above reproach.

Susan brings a dedication of over 30 years as a teacher and administrator to our schools. She earned her master's degree in education right here at WOU. Her understanding across the spectrum of education is a much-needed quality, and I am proud to have her volunteering for the kids in our school district.

Join me in keeping Susan Meikle Stoops' experience and dedication on the 13J School Board. Vote "no" on the recall.

Daniel M. Jaffer


Local option levy

will help district

Federal and state governments talk about the importance of education. I agree with them. Unfortunately, our legislators are unwilling or unable to find adequate funding for our schools.

The local option levy in Dallas gives us an opportunity to help. I want a future with educated, competent citizens running the business of our country. I am willing to help pay for this just as others helped pay for my education.

The burden is not unreasonable. The benefits are far reaching. Please vote yes on the local option levy for Dallas schools.

John Meyer


Time to recall

Stoops is now

Why all the fuss? I urge the voters in Central School District to vote yes on the upcoming special election to recall Susan Stoops.

As chairwoman of the Central School Board, Stoops has failed in her responsibilities to provide oversight of the superintendent and to act on concerns voiced by teachers and the public.

It is time our district had a board that will provide an environment where we can all work together to solve the big challenges facing our schools.

For more information, please go to citizensfor13jexcellence.blogspot.com.

This is not personal. It's democracy.

John Boyack


Kids are reason

to support levy

Dallas schools have been strong for several generations. I volunteer my time as a member of the school board to help ensure they will be strong for future generations.

Over the last two years we have cut the budget to the bone. In the next few years I fear things will be even worse.

The board is asking the community to approve a temporary property tax increase to preserve programs vital for our kids' future. If it passes, we will make sure the funds are spent wisely to keep essential programs intact.

Please vote yes -- our kids are worth it.

Michael Blanchard


Voters can send

message to board

Monmouth and Independence voters have an opportunity this month to send a strong message to Central School District administrators and board members.

Let them know we are unhappy with their lack of openness and communication, and unwillingness to listen to our concerns.

Vote "yes" to recall Susan Meikle Stoops.

Doug Johnson



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