8/3 Letters to the Editor

*Politicians have U.S. in a mire*Community fun much enjoyed *Youth baseball coaches shine*Dallas hospital does great job*Volunteer officer is a real asset

Politicians have

U.S. in a mire

I am a very frustrated citizen of these United States.

I have sat and listened to volumes of diatribe that has been distributed by our congressional leaders in Washington and the Tea Party folks. The same "stuff" is also featured in the print media.

This bickering has destroyed or is destroying the reputation of the United States. Our representation in Washington has completely lost sight of what the United States is and has been and, more importantly, the will of the American people.

They talk of reducing us retired folks' Social Security, Medicare, and other benefits that we have "earned," I believe, through our many years of contributing to these plans. Granted that many of us will withdraw more in assistance than we put in, but we contributed based on what our government said was necessary.

Our international financial reputation is being lost. Our worldwide reputation as THE superpower of the world is tarnished, possibly beyond repair. We have our conflicts in Iraq. We cannot win if our government will not let our military leaders do what they are trained to do and support their logistical needs. Are we fighting another Vietnam or Korean-style war?

I remember how we began to whip the British during our revolution. We fought as the Indians fought -- behind logs, barriers and trees. We did not stand and fight in rigid lines and fire and fire until one side was so badly shot up that they could no longer offer resistance.

Now, again, we have the taw line that we cannot cross, yet our adversary is free to cross back and forth. Korea all over again? Vietnam all over again?

What can we as the citizenry of the U.S. do? Vote them suckers out of office! And then vote in those folks who will give us what we want in D.C.

Bruce A. McCallum

Falls City

Community fun

much enjoyed

Dallas Summerfest 2011 was the best one that the community has ever had.

Everyone who worked on any part of the festival did a wonderful job. I enjoyed all of it. Thank you.

Also, the Back to Ballston picnic was held at the end of June. The little church in the park looked great. The county is taking good care of that park.

Alice I. Down


Dallas hospital

does great job

We in Dallas have our own hospital (West Valley) that should be utilized whenever needed.

With due respect to other hospitals, I must say I was here in our Dallas facility for a month with walking pneumonia. In the time I was there, there were absolutely no negative situations.

Our Regence insurance company plus a swing bed program made my stay exceptional.

Eldon E. Bevens


Youth baseball

coaches shine

Over the past four months my boys have been playing baseball -- and what an exciting time it has been.

The coaches took their teams through the highs of victory and the lows of defeat. Through all of these emotions they have remained steady in teaching and modeling respect, honor and determination.

The greatest thanks to these coaches can be summed up by players' quotes: "This stinks, baseball's over" or "The worst day of the year is the last day of baseball."

To the six volunteer coaches from Central JBO Senior and Junior American teams, you have made this a summer my kids will never forget. I sincerely thank you for the time, effort and energy you put forth into my kids and their teammates.

Sid Hobgood


Volunteer officer

is a real asset

Hats off to Diane Lanxon, the Dallas Police Department's Community Officer volunteer.

She worked tirelessly to make the National Night Out on Tuesday, Aug. 2, a success in Dallas. We are pleased that she will come to the Hillcrest Neighborhood Watch no-host breakfast at Murphy's Grill on Saturday, Aug. 6, at 9 a.m.

Thanks, Diane, for your community service.

Stann Lyman



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