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*Something missing from Dallas parade*Polk County Fair about community*Fire department is thankful of support*Lions Club duck race big success*County road crew earns high praise

Something missing

from Dallas parade

My family and I had a great time at various Summerfest events this year and commend all the organizers for all the time and effort they put into it for our enjoyment.

We were at the parade on Saturday (July 30) and some of the groups had some absolutely gorgeous floats. You could tell they spent many hours in building their floats. Such creativity.

There was one thing missing from the parade. Did anyone else notice? Where was the Color Guard? We noticed its absence and were offended that it wasn't leading our parade.

It has long been a tradition (one worthy of keeping) to lead the parade with our nation's flag. Sometimes the Boy Scouts carry it, sometimes it's the Sheriff's Mounted Posse, sometimes it's the National Guard. This year it was nobody.

Especially at this time in our nation we feel it's important to have a presence. We hope this was an accidental oversight and not an intentional omission. Please make sure it returns next year.

Oh, and by way of respect ... teach your children to stand and remove hats when the flag goes by.

Korri Miller


Polk County Fair

about community

The Polk County Fair runs Aug. 11-14 and represents everything that a county fair is.

Our community is about agriculture and the county fair is the showcase of many months of hard work by the children of our communities -- the work and endless dedication by the 4-H and FFA clubs as well as all the organizers behind the scenes that make it possible.

Voters approved the OSU Extension Service to continue to fund the 4-H programs in our community. Without this service, there would be no 4-H or fair. These programs provide many interests for our children in a positive, community-based outlet.

Please make time to come and look at all the exhibits the kids have dedicated their time to and see the animals perfectly groomed and pampered for show. For a small price you can take your entire family and enjoy the many scheduled events throughout the fair. Please show your support for our youth programs and recognize the time and effort put forth to prepare for the county fair.

Art, photography, horticulture, food-canning, livestock and poultry as well as the Youth Market Auction Saturday at 6 p.m. are just a few of the exhibits and entertainment scheduled this year. All of these skills instill self-confidence and a sense of community in our children. Learning how to become self-sufficient, grow your own and raise healthy livestock are essential skills for the next generation.

The Polk County Fair needs your support and our children need recognition for a job well-done. It's time for us to get back to community and appreciate these county fairs that have long been the showcase of what is really important: valuing our communities and the people that make it better.

Check out http://www.co.polk.or.us/fair_county for a full schedule.

Anne Kinsey


Fire department is

thankful of support

On behalf of the men and women of the Dallas Volunteer Fire Department, I want to thank all of you who joined us for our annual Hydro-cart Races and Vehicle Rescue Exhibition during Summerfest. More than 1,500 people joined us for these annual events.

We want to thank the Dallas Area Chamber of Commerce for allowing us to once again be a part of this special weekend. We also want to thank the many business that assisted in making this event a success, with a special thanks extended to National Hose Testing Specialties, L & L Equipment and Dallas Towing.

Thanks to all of you for your ongoing support of the Dallas Volunteer Fire Department and its various community programs.

Eriks Gabliks, president

Dallas Volunteer Firefighters Association


Lions Club duck

race big success

On behalf of the Dallas Lions Club, I wish to wholeheartedly thank the Dallas community for supporting our third annual Duck Race on July 28.

Due to generous support from area sponsors, we were able to award more than 120 prizes for winning ducks.

We also appreciate everyone who purchased tickets. More than 1,100 tickets were sold this year, which enables our club to award a $1,000 scholarship to a Dallas High graduate next spring and also helps fund eyeglasses, exams and other school projects.

We look forward to our fourth annual Duck Race next July.

Valerie Unger, president

Dallas Lions Club


County road crew

earns high praise

We would like to point out to the residents of Polk County the wonderful job our road crew did on the street in front of our homes.

The crew was putting in asphalt where gravel had been before. This crew was very friendly and accommodating. They bent over backward to address our problems and make it easier for us to adjust. The entire job had a minimal impact on our lives. Even the private contractor that spread the asphalt reflected the excellent attitude.

This was a five-star experience for our families. This job was done quickly, efficiently and very well.

On behalf of the Van de Wetering and Nelson families, thank you is not enough but we are sincere in our gratitude for a job well done.

Carey Van de Wetering



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