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*Why are markets still in business?*Not enough being done to save armory*Support of 4-H key in success of fair*Donations provide much-needed lift*Contributors made 'Games' trip happen*Heartfelt thanks

Why are markets

still in business?

As a Polk County resident, I have two questions:

First, why are the three markets that sold the fake marijuana still in business?

Second, why are the store owners not in jail?

There is no question, these individuals are a danger to the young people in our county.

Ralph Bradford


Donations provide

much-needed lift

The ladies of the Pedee Women's Club wish to thank the people who sent donations of money and supplies for the soldiers.

We will be able to send more boxes now and also start gathering gifts for Christmas socks for the troops.

We are also very grateful to the staff of the Itemizer-Observer for the wonderful article they printed ("Dedicated Pedee group seeks a helping hand," July 27 I-O).

This project is very dear to us, and we thank all who have helped.

Ethelene Osgood

Pedee Women's club


Contributors made

'Games' trip happen

I would like to thank the people of Dallas and Salem who donated money to me for my trip to San Diego, Calif., to compete in track and field events at the State Games of America on Aug. 4-7.

I placed in two events, making me one of the top competitors in the U.S. in 2011.

Thanks again for making my trip a successful one.

Carmen McClintock


Support of 4-H key

in success of fair

Now that the 2011 Polk County Fair is one for the history books, we would like to take the time to thank the community for your tremendous support for 4-H.

Thanks to the parents and leaders for helping young people gain new knowledge and skills and reach their project goals.

We greatly appreciate our many award donors. It helps us to honor our outstanding award winners, ranging from fair premium money to college scholarships. It's so exciting to watch the smiles and elation as kids earn their first blue ribbon or win a trophy.

The Polk County Livestock Association is tremendously helpful as the sponsor of our market auction program. Their organization and management makes it possible for youths to recoup much of the cost of raising their market animal projects. The auction wouldn't be successful without the many auction buyers. The profit from their animals will be used to pay their feed bills, invest in school clothes and supplies, or school fees and college tuition, going right back into the local economy.

Thanks to the fair board and management for the terrific job organizing the details. The superintendents do a tremendous job organizing the barns, classes and judging. It takes hundreds of hours of preparation to carry out the fair.

In particular, we would like to thank Ray Steele, fair board chairman, and Tina Andersen, fair manager, for making fair camping possible. Without the opportunity to camp on location, many families would not be able to participate in the fair due to the increased cost of travel.

You have contributed greatly to the many exciting and positive experiences for our 4-H participants. On behalf of Polk County 4-H staffers Judi Peters, Pam Scharf and Margi Tipton, thanks for your part in helping to shape the leaders of tomorrow.

Susan Busler

Polk County Extension Faculty


Not enough being

done to save armory

Downtown's "Historic Dallas" signs are a shameful lie.

If Dallas cared one whit about history, the National Guard wouldn't currently be taking core samples from the floors of the old (1911) National Guard Armory to determine salvage-worthiness prior to the building's imminent demolition -- happening as soon as the Guard applies for a demolition permit and the city rubber-stamps it.

The building was essentially abandoned more than a year ago when the Guard stopped maintenance and cut off all utilities (heat, electric, water).

I think that someone should hold the sacrosanct Guard's feet to the fire for it's woeful lack of stewardship. They've done a miserable job and should just deed the building to the city or county.

The city's power structure apparently lacks the heart and more importantly the money for such frivolity as saving its heritage, so I tried to interest the Dallas Area Seniors in the Armory as its "new" senior center.

Unfortunately, even if I personally had the funds to have a qualified remodel and retrofit evaluation done (which might show the Armory could be saved within the seniors' $1.5 million budget), the clique that holds power there wants "brand new" only. I'm a DAS member. I'm old and I value age. They don't. Seems like the current board would have to be voted out for "history" to have a chance.

"Unhistoric Dallas" ... I wish I could move my house -- and the armory -- to Independence.

Thomas P. Augustyn


Heartfelt thanks

for loving support

During the past three months, my mother-in-law, Shirley Lawson, had been living with us. She had terminal brain cancer. Sadly, she recently passed away.

My wife, Cindy, sister-in-law, Colleen, and myself cared for her in her last months. We could not have done this without all of the hospices' wonderful support and guidance, and support from family and friends.

A special thank you to Jennifer, Sharon, Claire, Susan, Mary and Pastor Dave from hospice. They are people who genuinely care. Without their support I don't think we could have gotten through this.

I urge everyone to donate to this wonderful program. It is truly a gift. Thank you all.

Tim Keen


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