8/31 Full Circle: Deb Darr


Deb Darr


We have noticed as we try to keep our gardens alive during the recent hot days that no matter how much we water, the ground seems to dry very quickly. How can we aid in holding moisture in the soil?


These past few days have been warm and I think we still have a while to go with this warm weather. Here are some ideas that may help in keeping your garden soil moist as well as saving those plants:

* Try to water during the time when the sun goes down. This will allow the water to be absorbed into the soil and to soak into roots of the plants. When you water in the heat of the day the water evaporates by the heat of the sun and can actually cause damage to plants.

* If you can afford a drip irrigation system this is a great way to allow water to aid the plants one drop at a time.

* The use of a soaker hose works almost like a drip system, but you can move the hose around to benefit all your garden areas.

* Add mulch around the base of your plants. Mulch will hold moisture in and slowly drain to the plant root.

We gardeners are always looking for the best ways to conserve water and have a productive garden. I hope these suggestions will help with your watering needs.


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