1/26 Full Circle: Deb Darr


I am often confused about the proper percent that one should tip for service. Should I tip when service isn't satisfactory?


The listed percent I found by searching the Internet was 15 percent, although you may tip as high as you want, especially if you feel the service deems it.

For less than satisfactory service, you could leave less than a 15 percent tip with your business card explaining your reasoning for a poor tip.

Remember, there are times when a service representative like a waitress could be having an off day or is overworked. I have yet to meet a perfect person, though I am still looking.


I am getting eager to prune some of my plants such as roses and fruit trees. Even though the weather is still cold, would it be safe to start pruning.


I think most gardeners experience "spring fever," especially when the sun starts coming out and it feels warm outdoors. But remember, once you prune a branch and the inside of that branch is exposed to freezing weather, you could stand a chance of losing the plant to freeze. I speak from experience.

Several years ago in February, the weather was warm and sunny for about five days, so I went ahead and pruned my roses. Two days later, the weather changed and froze for two days. Alas, all of my roses died.

I would wait. Get a couple of seed catalogs and spend some time planning your garden.


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