1/26 Letters to the Editor

*District doesn't need my money*Fundraiser helps youth wrestling*LaCreole students give of themselves*Good samaritan's deed appreciated*Business steps up for class fundraiser

District doesn't

need my money

Don't fall for the Dallas School District's "save our school" line. And recognize the "we do it all for the children" mantra is a fallacy. If true, there would be talk of compensation cuts to keep the school doors open.

Yet we hear no mention of cutting compensation or benefits. All we hear is a $1 per $1,000 or $10 a month. Don't be deceived. Here's the real perspective: We currently pay $4.55 per $1,000 of assessed valuation. When they ask for $1.50 per $1,000 more, that's a 33 percent increase.

I studied the budget. They say their 33 percent tax increase of $1.50 per $1,000 would bring in $1.33 million. I have a better idea. Cut the PERS pickup (the 6 percent of wages, meant to be an employee contribution, paid by the district) and have employees pay for 15 percent of their health care premiums. Total savings: $1.33 million.

The 2010-11 budget shows that the average teacher salary is $52,000, administrators average is $93,000, and managers $78,000. Total wages: $12.7 million. Add to that the PERS contribution of 14 percent plus the PERS pickup of 6 percent. Then add the health insurance benefit (a whopping 31 percent of wages at an average of $14,500 per year). All told, fringe benefits add up to $6.5 million, 51 percent of wages.

The picture is clear; there should be no talk of tax increases. Modest and reasonable cuts are all that's required.

One other point, for those who champion these endless tax increases: I say put your money where your mouth is. If you want to give the schools more money, open your checkbook and make your generous contribution to your schools. Leave the rest of us alone. We already pay our school support, and as the numbers show, quite sufficiently.

Charles Krogman


Fundraiser helps

youth wrestling

The LaCreole Middle School wrestling team would like to thank the community for supporting our recent Christmas tree recycling service.

We recycled more than 250 trees and raised enough money to balance our budget. We rely on fundraising to keep our program running.

Thank you.

Matthew Hofenbredl


Good samaritan's

deed appreciated

Many thank yous to the thoughtful gentleman who returned my purse to Walmart and me on Friday, Jan. 14. Bless you.

Norma Kliever


LaCreole students

give of themselves

In today's world, one frequently hears about what is wrong with American education.

Last Thursday, 21 students from LaCreole Middle School in Dallas ably demonstrated that not all is amiss in our public schools.

Under the competent and caring guidance of vice principal Jamie Richardson and leadership teacher Julie Peterson, these students did a remarkable job of helping Delbert Hunter Arboretum volunteers resurface several trails.

The dedication and enthusiasm for the project shown by these young people should give us old folks reason to look to the future. Their determination and effort certainly reflects well on their school, their parents, their teachers, and themselves.

Thanks, kids. We needed that.

Paul T. Mannen


Business steps up

for class fundraiser

The 2011 Central Senior Class Drug and Alcohol-Free Party Committee would like to thank True Value Hardware for its generosity in letting us use their parking lot for our Christmas tree fundraiser.

For years they have helped all of the area students with this annual fundraiser and the assistance is much appreciated.

The Central Class of 2011 Senior Drug and Alcohol-Free Graduation Party each year provides the Central High graduates with a safe location for fun entertainment to celebrate their graduation success. This would not be possible without the support of community members like True Value Hardware. The Christmas tree sale was very successful. We know that this is an extra work for the business and we cannot say "thank you" enough.

Patty Nevue McArdle



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