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*City makes grant funding available*Trap nets invasive moth at nursery

City makes grant

funding available

MONMOUTH -- The Monmouth Parks and Recreation Board is accepting applications for the city's recreation grant program.

Funds will be awarded to activities or projects that support local recreation opportunities. The money can be used on supplies, materials, equipment, awards and advertising.

Eligible participants must have lived in Monmouth for at least six months prior to applying or be non-profits based in Monmouth. Nonprofits with a project leader who lives in the city may also apply.

The maximum award amount is $500, with smaller grants given higher priority.

Program information and applications are available online at www.ci.monmouth.or.us or at City Hall. Application deadline is March 4.

Trap nets invasive

moth at nursery

POLK COUNTY -- The Oregon Department of Agriculture has confirmed a single detection of light brown apple moth at a Polk County nursery, marking the first time the insect pest has been found in the state.

However, ODA officials note there is no evidence that a breeding population of the moth exists in Oregon and that the insect most likely came in with imported nursery stock.

The single light brown apple moth (LBAM) was found in a trap last summer. ODA placed 1,000 traps for LBAM throughout the state in 2010. No other moths were caught in the area or elsewhere in Oregon.

"So far, the evidence points to a hitchhiker moth that arrived at the Polk County nursery with plant material shipped into Oregon," says Helmuth Rogg, manager of ODA's Insect Pest Prevention and Management Program.

The light brown apple moth was first detected in the continental U.S. in 2007 when it was found in California's Bay Area. LBAM is native to Australia, where it is considered a serious pest in fruit orchards, if not managed.


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