6/22 Letters to the Editor

*Outgoing board member reflects*Auto body owner thanks community*City should rethink park smoking ban*Firefighters thank event supporters*Service top-notch at aquatic center

City should rethink

park smoking ban

I am 100 percent against the smoking ban in city parks in Dallas.

In my opinion, the current rules of no smoking allowed within 25 feet of sports fields, tennis courts, playground equipment, roofed structures and other areas defined in DCC5.210 is sufficient.

The minutes from the April 4 City Council meeting state that the current rule is hard to enforce. If the current rule is hard to enforce, how can the new rule be any easier? Is there signage telling of the current rule posted in the areas of concern? No.

The new law will take away the freedom and rights of Dallas taxpayers that fund the parks. Some of the activities this ordinance will affect are the car show put on by the Rotary (both participants and volunteers), family reunions, the Frisbee golf course and, unfortunately, there will be some parents that will avoid taking their children to the park because they can not smoke while watching over them.

Most smokers are considerate now days as they have seen many of their rights taken away. In the park? There is plenty of room to move away from other people in order to have a cigarette. If the no smoking ordinance were to pass by our current council members, it is a very harsh law that will be put on a small group of people.

Please consider the rights of a few people when you are voting on this.

Glen Harmison


Outgoing board

member reflects

In about a week, Steve Love will succeed me on the Central 13-J School Board. For the past 36 months I have done what I could, when I could, for a community I love. Together we have made strides in the resilience and sustainability of our facilities; we tried to be good stewards.

I am proud of our faculty, staff, students and parents -- I remain a true believer in our community. We really can do amazing things when we pull together in the same direction.

That said, it has been a bumpy ride. To begin with, "the Great Recession" forced hard choices; we lost coaches, teachers and staff. On top of that, our federal and state partners failed us through inflexibility and irrational expectations. As a result, our students received less of an education than they deserved.

We measured success in inches rather than miles because of the circumstances of our time.

Sadly, our challenges were exacerbated by a schism between a superintendent and the faculty-staff that grew into a divide that nearly consumed our promise. For good or ill, public officers are duty-bound to follow the law as well as our moral compass. And, after a long hard slog, changes in leadership were made -- a few involuntarily.

Though I believe we are now on a path toward recovery and a more cohesive future, the central challenge remains: We cannot afford the kind of school system we need, we must change what we do and how we do it.

I ask all of us to support the new leadership at 13-J with our actions as well as our words, and work together to navigate the rapids ahead. Together we can renew our public schools; divided we will not.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve you.

Paul Evans


Auto body owner

thanks community

I have had the privilege of owning and operating Taylor's Auto Body here in Dallas for the past 22 years.

I began working as a painter in the area 49 years ago, eventually opening up my own place with one employee. With the help of your patronage we grew quickly, acquiring three more employees within the year.

My wife, Carolyn, started working in the office with us two years after we opened, bringing a feminine touch to the shop until she passed away in 2009.

I decided to retire in March of this year due to health issues, with the hopes of spending my time traveling, fishing and relaxing away from the stress of business.

At this point I sold the business to Main Auto Body, which is currently operating in the same location with the same group of employees.

I would like to thank the Dallas community and all of you who I had the pleasure of working with for your business over these many years. I ask that you continue to give the new owners the same loyalty that you gave to me.

I have been privileged to be able to help many wonderful people, and I will miss you all.

Ron Taylor


Firefighters thank

event supporters

On behalf of the men and women of the Dallas Fire Department, we want to thank all of you who joined us for Breakfast on Father's Day. More than 500 people joined us for this annual event.

We also want to thank the various businesses that assisted in making this event a success. A special thanks to the Dallas Starbucks on Ellendale Avenue for donating the coffee for our event.

Thanks to all of you for your ongoing support of the Dallas Fire Department and our various community programs. We look forward to seeing you all at Summerfest.

Eriks Gabliks, president

Dallas Volunteer Firefighters Association


Service top-notch

at aquatic center

Tina Paul, Dallas Aquatic Center director, and her staff should be commended for the wonderful services provided to the public on a daily basis.

Members and guests alike receive a cordial greeting upon arriving, followed by courteous and efficient service. Everyone works hard to make the experience pleasant for all.

This past week the center was closed for maintenance upkeep. Boy, did I miss it. I take advantage of the exercise classes five days a week. Seniors like me receive first-class treatment.

They are now working on a new feature. It is a new spinner for extracting water out of towels and swimsuits. Members are encouraged to inquire about it.

Thank you, Tina and staff, for your excellent service.

Stann Lyman



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