6/29 Full Circle: Deb Darr


Deb Darr


I recently saw the most beautiful plant, which I was told is a peony. I understand that this plant is grown by a tuber that needs to be planted in the spring. The person who had the plant offered to give me some seed from the flower. Will I have any luck using seeds, and, if so, how do I go about using the seeds?


Yes, people have been known to plant seeds from the peony flower with success. First, you must collect the seed pod that forms when the blooms fade and fall from the flower. Take these pods and place them in a warm area in an open container to dry. Once the pods crack and open, save the seed. In the summer you can sow the ripened seed in a well-prepared soil just like bean seeds. Most likely you will not see and growth until the following summer. Peonies live for many years without any real needs except regular watering when planted in a semi-shade/sun environment.


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