3/9 Pedee News: Arlene Kovash

Cindy Clark flew to Anchorage, Alaska, to visit her son, Hans, and his wife, Andrea, during the last week of February.

Well, really, she went to see her 4-year-old grandson, Spike, play ice hockey. He's big for his age and quite athletic, so he plays in the 5-year-old league. His team did win its game.

Clark also got to see her 9-month-old granddaughter, Saoirse, for the second time. Saoirse is Gaelic for "freedom" and is pronounced "Seer-sha."

While there, Clark also went bowling with the family for the first time in 12 years, so she liked the bumpers along the alley. She also went sledding for the first time in more than 40 years. Temperatures were mostly a high of 11 degrees, except for a balmy 21 degrees one day, which prepared her for coming home to a chilly Pedee.


The Pedee Women's Club realized that it hadn't formally elected officers for the year, so members called for a vote.

Ethelene Osgood is president, replacing Juandeane Skidmore, who had been president for the last 15 years. Susan Garton is vice president, Renee Dukes is again treasurer, and Skidmore is now secretary.

No news from this group this week as almost all are gnashing their teeth over their tax returns. There is a quilt in the frame that several members are working on.


Several Pedee Memorial Evangelical Church members had a great time eating pizza and visiting with one another at their annual Friendship Dinner on Saturday, Feb. 26.

This year's gathering was at Izzy's in Corvallis. Pam Burbank drove from Dallas to attend. It was very informal this year -- no speaker, no program, but lots of laughter.


I, Arlene Kovash, celebrated my Feb. 25 birthday three times this year. On that day, husband Paul fixed dinner while I prepared to teach a quilting class at the Ladies of Liberty quilt shop in Independence the next day. On Sunday, Feb. 27, we had dinner and played cards with daughter Suzanne Burbank, her husband, Dave, their sons, Brennan and Derek, and Brennan's wife, Callie. Then on Tuesday, March 1, we went into Salem, where we had dinner with daughter Lorraine Odell, her husband, Doug, and their daughters, Victoria and Christina.

What did the rest of you Pedee citizens do for your birthdays? E-mail me at akovash@earthlink.net to let me know.

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