3/30 MI Town: Patty Taylor Dutcher

It's been said that you always know when it's springtime in the Willamette Valley because the rain feels warmer.

But for those who spent spring break at the Oregon Coast watching the pouring rain and listening to the wind rattle windows of condos, beach houses and motel rooms with equal force, warm sunshine can't happen soon enough.

MI Town is always almost lonely with so many of our Western Oregon University students off to visit family and friends all week long.

This week brings us the brand new, bright and shining month of April and all good hopes for this season of renewal. No matter what our religious beliefs, the Easter season always is an optimistic time and we can go forward with a lighter step and a happy song in our hearts.


Get your appetites ready for the Monmouth Senior Center Community Breakfast this Saturday, April 2, beginning at 8:30 a.m. If you enjoyed the recent soup and pie sale, here's your opportunity to bring the entire family for a hearty breakfast before everyone begins the busy weekend. If you haven't been to the monthly breakfasts at the senior center, this is a good time to begin.


During those occasional times when the sun actually shines at this time of year, I'm so pleased to have clean and shining windows. Thank you, Don, for all those extra things you do to make our days much brighter.

Every day is yet another cleaning challenge and springtime is the "Mother of All Cleaning Seasons." We're all hoping and wishing for some promised sunshine and clear, breezy days to give us the extra energy and enthusiasm to get those tasks under way.


Spring cleaning gives everyone the opportunity to donate clothing, other household items and all the things that we don't need anymore. It's also a good time to really think about those books you received for Christmas that you know you'll never read, and how you wish you could clear out more space in the bookshelves. The Friends of the Monmouth Library need good, gently used -- or even new -- books for both the ongoing book sales and the upcoming sale in May. Children's books are always in demand, and will be very much appreciated.


Both of MI Town's wonderful libraries had really special programs for children and youths during last week's spring break. We are so fortunate to have Robin in Independence and Krist in Monmouth, who deserve a special "thank you" from all of us. Next time you're in either -- or both -- libraries, stop by to say "Hi," and see just how lucky our kids and grandkids are to have such great people in their lives.

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