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*Educating was worth support*Food bank grateful for recent donations*SMART volunteers make a difference*Dallas voters sent very poor message*Folks stepping up to assist Falls City*Volunteers needed in

Educating students

was worth support

Come on, Dallas. Really? Are you kidding me?

It really frustrates me to see such a lack of support for the Dallas School District option levy.

To quote a friend of mine, "True sacrifice hurts a little, but giving up a couple dining out nights, or an extra movie night, or a few lattes seemed worth it to me. Sad our community is so selfish and only thinking about themselves. What kind of message do we send to our great kids and future leaders?"

I would have thought educating our collective future was a worthy investment. I guess too many citizens in Dallas couldn't figure that one out.

Bev Rosenbalm


SMART volunteers

make a difference

The SMART (Start Making A Reader Today) program completed another successful year in Independence.

Carrie Casebeer, Kellie Wood and Rosalind Pine coordinated the Independence Elementary K-SMART program. This program met four times a week, bringing more than 30 community volunteers into the school each week to read with children, serving 43 kindergarten children who took home more than 410 books.

Volunteers clocked in more than 925 volunteer hours between September and mid-May. Thank you, Carrie, Kellie and Rosalind for coordinating such a remarkable program.

SMART also completed its very first year serving children in Dallas.

At Lyle Elementary, Patty Clap volunteered to coordinate the twice-a-week program which served 10 children in grades K-3. Along with eight community readers, volunteers clocked in more than 240 hours of service to the school. The children took home more than 130 books to keep and share with their families.

At Oakdale Heights Elementary, Carol Christ and Teresa Larios coordinated a SMART program which served 26 children in grades K-3 twice a week. Those children took home more than 300 books to keep.

Community volunteer readers and the volunteer coordinators clocked in more than 630 volunteer hours for the school.

SMART thanks our wonderful volunteers and we look forward to seeing you again in the fall. To find out how you can be a volunteer with SMART, visit our website at www.getsmartoregon.org or call 541-754-4965.

Christi Clark


Food bank grateful

for recent donations

Our hearts are full of humbleness, joyfulness and thankfulness. The reason why is our Dallas and surrounding area citizens filled the empty shelves at your Dallas Food Bank.

Previously, we were feeling pretty depressed as we could only give out one can of fruit or what little we had on the shelves. We didn't have many of the necessary and nutritious food items such as apple sauce, soup or even tuna (we do purchase milk and eggs, and many necessary food and hygiene items).

But guess what? You, the generous people of the Dallas area, along with our Dallas postal employees, came through with the most generous amount of food items. You generosity gave us 8,776 pounds.

There were quite a few men and women who gave of their time May 14. We had four volunteers working at the food bank, several at the post office, and many great postal carriers. It was bright and early, and I noticed some young people putting post office boxes by the mail boxes. We were so excited as we put the food on the shelves, as you might know we have many boxes yet to empty.

This short but to-the-point message is thank you, thank you and thank you. You are our angels in disguise.

Betty Krebs-Brennan

Dallas Food Bank


Dallas voters sent

very poor message

This is a sad state of affairs. Last Tuesday, May 17, Dallas delivered a very clear message: We don't value quality education.

By nearly a 20-point margin, we declared that our children and their futures are not worth an investment of $1 per $1,000 of assessed property value. We declared that we are not interested in attracting the kind of teachers that will help us as parents prepare our kids for the future. We declared that our kids don't need a well-rounded education that includes the arts.

Allow me to write our next school job posting -- Wanted: Quality educator. Experience required. Tasked with educating our children and preparing them to be productive citizens. Must be willing to work long hours, frequently provide your own class materials, and receive little to no gratitude in return. Must be willing to accept pay grade far below other college graduates. Should not expect community support, however small.

I can see them lining up now. Great message we sent out last week, Dallas.

Shane Brown


Folks stepping up

to assist Falls City

On behalf of the people of Falls City, I would like to thank all the wonderful people who are working toward the beautification of our community.

Falls City had a "spring clean" on May 7, and Allied Waste will graciously host another on June 4. At the last cleanup, volunteers worked tirelessly and made significant progress in brightening our parks, picking up litter and recycling various materials.

Special thanks are owed to the following companies for their time, effort and donations: Allied Waste, SOLV, Dallas Walmart, Papa Murphy's of Dallas, Cherry City Metals, EJ's Trash Cleaning of Falls City, Molalla Tire and Garten Services Inc.

The people behind these companies, working with our citizen volunteers and city staff, made tremendous contributions toward maintaining and enhancing our beautiful and beloved town. Many Thanks.

Tresa Bowlin, city clerk

Falls City

Volunteers needed

in Dallas schools

As secretary of Citizens for Dallas Schools, I would like to thank all of you who supported the children of Dallas in the recent Local Option Levy election.

It was heartening to see the support that was given to the children. However, it was not to be.

As for the political action committee, we are going inactive. That does not mean that the people will be inactive, as many of us are volunteers in the Dallas schools.

Now, we need those of you who wish to give support to the children in our schools to step up. If you are interested in volunteering in the Dallas schools, please e-mail Volunteers@dsd2.org or call 503-623-5594. Thanks again for your support.

Lisa Borja


Pay tribute during

'Avenue of Flags'

Each Memorial Day weekend when I drive to Dallas Cemetery I know that I will see all the flags flying in the breeze. But still each year I'm again filled with the awesome sight and each year I say a silent thanks to American Legion Post 20, VFW Post 3202 and the others for all the work they put into this project.

For some years now the flags are placed alphabetically so families can see the one that represents their loved one. And each year the Avenue of Flags extends farther and farther.

If you have not had a chance to see this tribute to our deceased veterans, it truly will be worth your time to drive through the Avenue of Flags this Memorial Day weekend. It can also be a great history lesson to our youth.

My thanks to all those involved for adding to the memories of the ones who served our country.

Jean Sarff



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