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*Walmart expansion offers convenience*Expanded Walmart a welcome change*Not enough options for groceries in area*What is wrong with our country*A 'super Walmart' is good for Dallas*Don't believe what

Walmart expansion

offers convenience

I've been waiting years for the expansion of our Dallas Walmart.

Because our Walmart has so little in the way of groceries, no produce and only packaged goods in its food department, it leaves me no choice but to seek out another grocery store.

I drive some 36 miles to Salem to shop at Winco, where I get the best prices going, and I spend $80 to $100 every trip for a month's worth of food.

This amount of money will now go to Walmart when they will have almost the same supply of everything I'm used to purchasing now when our store is expanded.

I can't afford the prices at other Dallas grocery stores, and the limited supply or variety available at some stores is also a hindrance.

Also, when Walmart is increased in size and volume, I can purchase all I need from one store -- from food to pharmacy, all together under one roof.

Think of the fuel I'll save for not having to travel 36 miles to Salem, plus wear and tear on my car, just to save on groceries.

Times change and Walmart is the store for most all our needs under one roof. Walmart is here to stay. It's American now.

As my years of age climb, I need to find everything in Dallas and in one major store that I can afford less than four minutes from my home. All the people opposed to the expansion will soon be in there shopping with the rest of us who support this expansion in a great way.

Marilyn Folsom


What is wrong

with our country?

What is going on?

All across our country the "Occupy Movement" is trying to tell us that we are being robbed by banks, Wall Street and giant corporations.

Banks who make unsound deals and, when they lost out, asked for taxpayers to help them. Traders who packaged these deals and then destroyed the economy here and in Europe. Cities left with destroyed neighborhoods from foreclosed home loans and, hence, abandoned houses and overgrown yards severely cutting back on the tax base causing the loss of jobs in the schools, fire departments, police departments and city services.

Then some people complain about these people who are trying to point out the stealing from all of us. How much has been stolen from all of us by the actions of banks in lost property values? Cities are spend millions trying to contain Occupiers and clean up a few blocks, but spending nothing to police those who have destroyed whole neighborhoods.

Where are our values?

David Scott


Expanded Walmart

a welcome change

I'm writing in response to all the negative comments about the expansion of the Walmart store in Dallas. My husband and I are glad to hear that Walmart wants to create a "super store."

Our main reason for supporting this proposal is because of the full grocery department. It will be nice to shop with a huge variety of grocery products. The grocery stores in this area are lacking in size, variety of grocery items and no competition.

We hope that the Walmart expansion is approved and that more businesses come to Dallas like Taco Bell did last month.

Priscilla Lewallen


A 'super Walmart'

is good for Dallas

In regard to the Walmart article ("Opposition mounts over Walmart plan," Nov. 16 Itemizer-Observer) ... I have never seen a town as afraid of change as Dallas is. It doesn't seem to matter what the topic is, the town seems to just shudder at it.

If there was a "super Walmart" it would benefit so many people. There are a lot of folks who have to travel outside of town to grocery shop as they can't afford the prices at existing stores. It would be good for there to be some competition for those stores. There are a lot of families on budgets that could use a close, cost-effective store, especially with the cost of gas.

Come on Dallas. Don't be so afraid of change. Go with it for once.

Stephanie Gibson


Not enough options

for groceries in area

Hooray! Walmart wants to expand its little Dallas store and have a full-service supermarket, complete with produce, meat, seafood, a bakery and all the things a "super store" has.

I seldom shop at Walmart for it does not have things I need and I do not want to support China. However, I will certainly shop a super food center that has prices more reasonable than other local grocery stores and offers a larger selection of items than some other stores do.

I moved here from Canby in 2006 and we had three choices: the big Fred Meyer super store, Thriftway and Safeway. I "shopped" the ads and at all three stores. Here, I go to Winco in Salem or Independence; I shop Safeway monthly when they have the $10 off coupon, which now has a $75 low limit to get to use it. Dallas just does not have enough options for groceries, which is the predominant thing I purchase.

I shop in Salem or go up I-5 to Bridgeport Village and Clackamas Town Center for clothing, etc.

I'm getting older and in a few years may not be able to drive 60 miles to shop. We need the expansion of Walmart, at least for the food department, if it will be full service like on Lancaster Drive in Salem.

Nelda Carroll-Allegar


Don't believe what

Gingrich has to say

Newt Gingrich recently made a remark about the Wall Street protesters. He said they should first take a bath, then get a job. A classic remark from a full-time Washington, D.C. politician, which he is.

This is the guy who has a half-a-million-dollar credit line at Tiffany's for his wife's jewelry and couldn't give a damn about the desperate unemployed people and recent college grads who can't find employment.

I hope the primary voters don't fall for this guy's line.

Don Basey



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