11/30 Pedee News: Arlene Kovash

As I write this on the day after Thanksgiving, it's a sunny, calm day after four days of more than 4 1/2 inches of rain, accompanied by a lot of wind. Really too good a day to be fighting the mobs for a cheap TV.


Every neighbor I talked to had a good time with friends and family for Thanksgiving, or at least did something special.

Glenn Mott, Poppy Mitchell and their son, Glenn, went to Dallas to have dinner with Glenn's parents, Ivan and Donna Barney.

Dorothy McBeth ate Thanksgiving dinner with son Darrell McBeth and his wife, Shirley. Shirley's parents, Herman and Elizabeth Stout from Falls City, were there, as well as several other family members, including five grandchildren and nine great grandchildren. The turkey was one Darrell had raised this past year.

Fred and Cindy Clark broke family tradition and took Cindy's mother, Norma Bourn, to Yachats, where they had an especially good four-course turkey dinner plus a dessert sampler at Ona's Restaurant while watching the howling wind and pounding rain over the ocean. The trip was so fun and the food so good, they decided this was the way to go for the holiday. This week, Norma left for home in Sacramento after visiting for several weeks.

Ted and Ethelene Osgood spent a relatively quiet Thanksgiving at their house, with son Pete, Lucy and Steven as Ethelene's mother, Dorotha Minshall, had fallen earlier in the week and broke ribs and fractured her leg, among other things. She has been in and out of the hospital, but is now back at Jefferson Manor. Their daughter Debbie and husband Mickey Cochrane went to the coast to eat dinner with his parents.

To celebrate Thanksgiving, Paul and I went to brunch at daughter Suzanne Burbank's house and enjoyed the company of her whole family, husband Dave and sons Derek and Brennan and Brennan's wife Callie, Dave's parents Wes and Carla Burbank, neighbors Sam and Judy Guida, and my cousin Marilyn and her husband Steve McGettigan from Philomath. After a morning of eating, visiting and cards, several of us then went to daughter Lorraine Odell's in Salem and had dinner with her family, Doug, Victoria and Christina. Dave dutifully stayed home to track an elusive elk on our place.

It's not too late to tell me your Thanksgiving news. My e-mail address is kovasha@gmail.com.


Last week, the Pedee Women's Club packed 12 large Christmas boxes for a unit in Afghanistan. They greatly appreciate all the help they got from people in Pedee, Monmouth and Dallas to be able to do this.


Jenny Mellein is directing the Pedee Church Christmas pageant this year, which will be on Sunday morning, Dec. 4. They still need helpers for many tasks associated with putting it on, so call Jenny at 503-606-0257 or e-mail her at melleinj@comcast.net.


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