10/5 Letters to the Editor

*LDS Church thanks 'day of service' help*GOP gets bad rap from letter writer*New senior center would be an asset*Help with parking issue appreciated

LDS Church thanks

'day of service' help

We are very grateful for the opportunity to have helped the schools, in working with other congregations, during the Saturday, Sept. 17, LDS Day of Service.

We recognize at the heart of pure religion is service to God and our fellow man. We appreciate the efforts of many individuals, young and old, who worked unitedly, side by side, to make a difference with their labors and generous contributions.

Along with the beautiful outward manifestations of our efforts, we also recognize the lasting memories and friendships that were created and shared on this Day of Service for which we are most grateful.

We offer our sincere appreciation to all involved.

Bishop William Fullmer


New senior center

would be an asset

We have no dispute that the library is in a winning league for the folks of the Dallas area. The Dallas Area Seniors are also in that league.

I think there may be room for both of us, and many more organizations.

Our center is staffed entirely by volunteers. We offer services some folks are not aware of. These include hearing aid services, exercises offered by the Arthritis Foundation, use of our bus for transporting guests for the annual dinner of the Polk Soil and Water Conservation District, memory screening, workshops on living healthy with a chronic condition, participation in the Christmas project, diabetic information and shoe fitting, music jam sessions open to all, heritage crafts, and volunteers for assisting the health department in giving flu shots. These are just some of the things we do in the community.

Some other projects we have done include caps for cancer patients, blankets for Liberty House, clothing protectors (bibs) for Jefferson Manor, lap robes for the Veterans Hospital, and heart pillows for Salem Hospital for heart patients after surgery.

Yes, we do have games and cards -- what a great way for folks who are lonely to meet other folks in the community.

We do hold fundraisers, so perhaps the library can have our space for more activities some day.

The seniors of Dallas deserve a new senior center. Dallas is the county seat of Polk County. Monmouth and Independence has their senior center, so we need to catch up.

We have nearly 400 members, so you can see we need more space for the many programs we would like to offer.

The new senior center would be a great asset to the city of Dallas and the entire community. It is a win-win deal for everyone.

June Krause


GOP gets bad rap

from letter writer

The letter published last week ("GOP is no friend of the middle class," Sept. 28 Itemizer-Observer) cannot go unanswered.

The premise is the GOP hates the middle class. As a middle class member of the GOP I find the statements odd. No, I will not be seeking help for the fact that I supposedly hate myself. I will, however, point out that the author conveniently picked his examples while ignoring his party's attack on those very families.

The GOP fought attempts to pass Obamacare. The plan will force middle class families who are already struggling to buy health insurance. Many of these families cannot afford the ever-increasing cost, so instead of buying a policy they will get a fine from the government. The GOP has championed health care reform that would reduce the cost of insurance by limiting frivolous lawsuits. Rather than punish families that cannot afford coverage, I will stand with the party working to reduce the cost.

It is also various Democratic voices who want to end the home mortgage tax deduction. This elimination will increase the taxes on middle class families, not to mention the damage it will do to the economy by further suppressing an already down housing market. Without this deduction, my middle class family would owe additional taxes at the end of the year even though we withhold the maximum amount from our paychecks each month.

The author is correct: the middle class is under attack. The general leading the charge is Barack Obama and his troops are the Democrats in Congress.

Jonathan Thompson


Help with parking

issue appreciated

Kids, Inc. soccer would like to thank the city of Dallas for taking swift action regarding the parking situation on the north side of Walnut Street, by the Dallas Aquatic Center.

We appreciate their support in working to balance traffic safety and parking availability.

Also, we would like to invite our friends and neighbors to come down and watch a game or two on any Saturday between now and Nov. 5. We have nearly 250 kids ages 5 to 12 engaged in a positive, character-building team sport. The more applause we can provide, the better. Games start at 9 a.m. and run until about 1 p.m.

Michael Blanchard

Kids, Inc. Soccer Board



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