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*Not in favor of Measure 27-105*Schools have lost educational focus*Voting yes for Measure 27-105*GOP ones attacking the middle class*Pageant is a great Rickreall tradition

Not in favor of

Measure 27-105

Ballot Measure 27-105 makes county commissioner positions nonpartisan beginning in 2012.

The primary election process provides all voters with an opportunity to observe candidates as they campaign and determine where they stand and what positions they take on significant issues.

The primary election then determines that the candidates who receive a majority of the vote go on to compete in the general election. Historically, this process has been honest and transparent.

Don't take away our opportunity to examine and vet our candidates for the most important office in the county. Vote "no" on Measure 27-105.

Gene Henshaw


Schools have lost

educational focus

Regarding the letter on school funding, "Kids deserve same levels of support" (Oct. 12 Itemizer-Observer) ...

My wife and myself will begin to support the public school systems when the following becomes reality: Schools no longer provide meals, sex education, nursery facilities for teenage mothers and other parental responsibilities.

Call us old-fashioned, but we still write the checks and, yes, we do vote. Maybe, just maybe, school administrations will wake up some day and we can return to an education system providing education and get out of the parenting business.

We did not vote down the school bond because of the senior center. And yes, our children do deserve the same advantages in our schools that we seniors had when we attended public school. That is why we will not accept the current trend in education.

Gary Epperly


Voting yes for

Measure 27-105

I would like to remind voters to please return their ballots for the Nov. 8 election. I encourage you all to vote "yes" on Measure 27-105.

Polk County Measure 27-105 is an easily understood initiative to make Polk County commissioner elections nonpartisan. Measure 27-105 will align all elections for county offices into the same format, allow 10,000 registered voters to participate in elections that they pay for but are currently excluded from, and it allows for elections to fill midterm vacancies in commissioner positions.

You can still vote for the candidate of your choice in any election. Every vote counts.

Danny Jaffer


Pageant is a great

Rickreall tradition

I would like to say "thank you" to the folks of Rickreall and surrounding areas who gather together, starting right now, to prepare for the performances of the Rickreall Christmas Pageant. This will be the 71st presentation.

"The Pageant," as it is known, uses the script and music of the nativity story from the original performances. I cannot encourage you enough to go to www.RickreallChristmasPageant.com right now and find out about reserving your free tickets for the second week of December and perhaps join in the event on stage, behind the stage or in the choir.

It is a wonderful way to kick off the holiday season. And don't forget to say "thanks" to the folks who keep this tradition going when you are there. No one is paid for their participation; donations are gratefully received at the door.

I hope to see you there -- we've been waiting 71 years for you to come to the Rickreall Event Center (formerly the grade school) and begin your holiday season.

Jo Elaine Martin


GOP ones attacking

the middle class

Well, a response to my earlier tirade ("GOP gets bad rap from letter writer," Oct. 5 Itemizer-Observer).

Take a look at the incredible last sentence of the respondent's letter. He indicates it is Obama and Democrats who are attacking the middle class. I'm glad he cleared that up. All this time I thought it was the GOP trying to destroy Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, minimum wage laws, safety and occupational health regulations, unemployment insurance, environmental protection laws, medical care for every citizen, consumer protection laws, corporate malfeasance protection, educational access and, finally, child care and food programs for the low income mother.

Apparently, I was misled by Herman Cain when he called Social Security "immoral" and the many other Republicans who call for destruction of all these programs.

The tort reform comment was good. Republicans like tort reform only to preclude citizens from suing corporations that harmed them. If you need help with the concept of corporate misdeeds, do a search on "ABC News Yaz Risk." This drug is proving to be four times more hazardous than prior drugs but the GOP would like to severely restrict lawsuits by people destroyed by Bayer Corp. and the like.

Eliminating the home mortgage interest deduction is a proposal by Sens. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) and Judd Gregg (R-N.H.). The most common scenario around this bill is a change so that the tax break/credit will be limited for very expensive homes. Sounds OK to me.

The health care law is not "Obamacare," which is a pejorative created by the Right Wing. If that law were to be named after someone then it should be "Romneycare" to honor the original author of New Hampshire's program while its governor.

Fred Brown



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