9/7 Letters to the Editor

*Library deserving of funding support*Community steps up for local youths*Dallas home to two special businesses*Coverage of WOU sports appreciated

Library deserving

of funding support

There is a truly ugly rumor afloat in our fair city of Dallas. Evidently, a person or two with some authority are advocating reducing funds in support of our library.

Their reasoning, as I understand it, is that with the growth of the use of personal computers and other electronic gadgets our library is on its way to becoming an anachronism.

I suspect the people responsible for this thinking are of the same breed of prognosticators who, with the advent of television, declared that it would be the greatest teaching device ever invented and there would be a major decrease in the number of schools and teachers needed. There are studies that indicate TV has retarded learning by being a perpetual source of mind-numbing entertainment.

I recommend that anyone who honestly thinks funding for our library be cut visit and look at the statistics as to the number of daily and weekly patrons and the material they check out. The figures are readily available.

The Dallas Public Library is, and will be for years to come, the cultural and intellectual center of our town. It should suffer no diminution; in the mind of this bibliophile, support should be increased.

Gale Carruthers


Community steps up

for local youths

Mid-Willamette Valley Community Action Agency (MWVCAA) Dallas Resource Center would like to thank the wonderful Dallas, Monmouth and Independence communities for donating school supplies to our 2011 Apple Tree Project.

The project helped more than 600 Polk County youths in the Dallas, Central and Falls City school districts.

A special thanks to Dallas Knights of Columbus, Performance Health Technology in Salem, Sterling Bank in Independence, Monmouth Senior Center, West Valley Hospital, Dallas Rotary, Polk County Service Integration, Altrusa International of Salem, and local churches, banks and community members for cash donations and school supplies to the Apple Tree Project.

Thank you once again to the Polk County community. Without your assistance and partnership we would not have been able to furnish school supplies to more than 600 students. We are so appreciative of the community we reside in. We could not ask for a better community.

Melissa Baurer

MWVCAA-DRC Coordinator


Dallas home to two

special businesses

After moving to Dallas five years ago, we quickly and pleasantly became aware of two stores we enjoy.

The first is Van Well Building Supply Co. Van Well's referrals to contractors have been life saving. Thanks to the many wonderful, honest and caring contractors in our area, so deserving of referrals, even for small jobs. Van Well's certainly has come in handy for home fix-up supplies.

The second is Old Mill Feed & Garden, owned by Christie and Jon Henderson. I love this nostalgic, historical site that was refurbished in 2007. It takes me back in time for a peaceful adventure. They are very accommodating. I chatted with a Master Gardener on my last visit. This is a show-off stop for your guests.

Both stores offer the most consistent, professional service. It's always a pleasure doing business with them. The people are wonderful and the advice is great.

Mary Cosgrove


Coverage of WOU

sports appreciated

Just a note to thank the Itemizer-Observer for your coverage of the Western Oregon sports programs in your Aug. 31 edition.

I am retired and live in Monmouth and enjoy attending many of the sporting events on campus on a regular basis.

One thing that has been sorely missing from your newspaper in my opinion is good coverage of the sports teams at Western. I enjoyed reading what the coaches had to say about their teams as they prepared to start their respective seasons.

Western Oregon has many good sports teams and people in the community should support them more. I hope your newspaper will continue to cover these teams.

Thomas Smith



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