Walmart has big plans in Dallas

DALLAS -- Walmart has submitted plans to expand its Dallas store at 321 Kings Valley Highway to include a full grocery line.


A portion of the front of the Dallas Walmart store is shown as it would look after a proposed renovation is complete.

DALLAS -- Walmart has submitted plans to expand its Dallas store at 321 Kings Valley Highway to include a full grocery line.

The proposed expansion will add 18,000 square feet to the current building and an overhaul of the floor plan and appearance of the store.

In addition to adding a full grocery store within its building, Walmart would close its tire and lube service, remodel the interior and exterior of the building, reconfigure the parking lot and revise the store layout. With the exception of the tire center, the store would retain its other departments, including the garden center.

The plans were submitted to the city on Friday, Sept. 16, said Delia Garcia, a spokeswoman for Walmart.

The approximately 81,500-square-foot store was built in 1995.

"It was the right time to make the expansion," Garcia said. "The store is 16 years old. It is an opportunity to serve our customers better and offer them that one-stop shopping convenience when they visit our store."

Garcia said the store currently offers a limited line of dry groceries, but is mostly a general merchandise store.

The expansion will allow the store to offer fresh meat and produce, a deli, dairy and frozen foods, in addition to a full line of dry groceries.

The store expansion would also create more jobs, Garcia said.

"We will have additional jobs, but at this point I don't know how many," Garcia said.

However, the closing of the tire and lube center would force workers in that department to move elsewhere. Garcia said they would have the option of seeking work in another tire and lube center or explore working in other departments.

"We will assist them in relocating," she said.

The store would also undergo some cosmetic changes, with a remodeled facade, interior and exterior painting and updated signs to reflect Walmart's current color scheme and logo.

Garcia said there is no timeline for construction, as the plans still need to go through an approval process.

Dallas City Manager Jerry Wyatt said Walmart's plans are under review and will likely come before the Dallas Planning Commission at its meeting in October.


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