8/15 Pedee News: Arlene Kovash

Paul and Diane Telfer and three others from Bridgeport Community Chapel spent two weeks teaching English at a small Christian school in Macas, Ecuador, for the month of July. They were joined by a youth team from Virginia and three youths from Salem. They visited Ecuador's "Crater Lake," toured a Shuar Indian village, and saw waterfalls, monkeys and the beautiful snowcapped peaks of local volcanoes. Paul and the others sampled the local specialty, "cuy," which we know as guinea pig. Diane tried it last year when she was there, so she chose to forgo the pleasure this time.


Pedee Church's new pastor Daniel Russell's family came to support him on Sunday for his first official day on the job. His parents, Jerry and Phyllis Russell, drove up from Pleasant Hill, and they were joined by his sister, Stephanie Farnsworth, and her children, Trevor, Olivia and Dylan, from Burns. After the service and a family gathering, Jerry and Phyllis took their grandchildren home with them for a few days.


Vacation Bible School at Pedee was a lot of fun for almost 20 children, ages 2-12, last week. The beach theme, SonSurf, was carried out through the week as Lyndsey Zarfas led the kids in spirited songs, Pam Burbank showed them how to make beach-inspired crafts, and I told Bible stories around a very real-looking "bonfire," all to help them get to know Jesus better and learn to trust and look to him in all they do. Heidi Russell served snacks, and Scott Castle, Cindy Simmons and Jenny Mellein were group leaders. Ronnie Simmons and several youths were support staff, including Matt and Phillip North, Katie McCullough, and Tanner and Cassidy Simmons. And we couldn't have done it without Carolyn Hall, who did much of the advance planning and decorating.


Luckiamute Valley Charter School is renovating the Pedee School for seventh- and eighth-graders this fall. If you have someone interested in attending or have questions, call them at 503-623-4837.

Meanwhile, the Pedee community is trusting that all will be worked out between the Philomath School District and Kings Valley Charter School by the time school starts. Several community children attend this amazing school, so we're all anxiously waiting to hear the outcome of negotiations.


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