12/12 Letters to the Editor

*Many volunteers make holiday brighter*Quick response to incident pays off

Many volunteers

make holiday bright

On behalf of the Dallas Area Visitors Center, I'd like to thank the Dallas Fire Department, DC Electric, Charter Communication, The Dallas Area Visitors Center and all the volunteers for their support each and every year to get the Dallas holiday lights up for our community and visitors to enjoy.

This is not a simple task. There are many volunteer hours spent working -- from getting the decorations out of storage, wiring the courthouse lawn for electricity, hosting a bulb replacement event, putting up the snowflake banner and individual snowflakes, as well as stringing the lights on the huge sequoia tree at the courthouse. And this year, all in the pouring rain.

And let's not forget ... what goes up must come down. Yes, the fire department also takes all of the decorations down shortly after the new year and returns them to storage for us.

Special thanks to those who join me on the Christmas light committee: Shaun Wagner, Greg Hess, Jay Epperson, Mayor Brian Dalton and Chelsea Pope.

Thanks again to all of those who volunteered their time. You are the heart of our community.

Bonnie Dreier


Quick response to

incident pays off

Kudos to the Dallas Police Department and a watchful neighbor from a grateful citizen of Dallas regarding a recent criminal incident.

Within 15 minutes from the time we called the Dallas Police about an early morning home invasion, an officer returned our call and reported that the perpetrator had just been taken into custody.

Thanks to a neighbor, the police had already been informed that someone had been seen checking out the neighborhood.

Harold P. Harms



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