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*Mental health, not guns is the issue*Drop site is a key for clothing drive*Christmas Cheer thankful of support*Recent editorial missed the mark

Mental health, not

guns is the issue

All this debate about guns. More gun control, outlaw guns, stronger background checks.

None of the above will work. Outlaw guns and only outlaws will have guns. We already have strong enough background checks. If some deranged person wants a gun they will get one, be it black market or some other means.

What is needed is more help for the mentally ill. Get them the medication they need and be sure they take it. And if the problem is serious enough, institutionalize them.

As for teachers carrying a gun to school, I am all for it if they want to, although I do believe they should have some training in the safe handling of a weapon for their own safety. Assault weapons and large capacity magazines are not needed.

I had the pleasure of attending the Chapman Hill Elementary School Christmas program to watch my three grandchildren, of which two of them are ages 6 and 7. I could not imagine anyone destroying that innocence. Someone who does something like that has to be totally deranged.

I think we should be talking more about mental health than gun control.

David Howard


Christmas Cheer

thankful of support

On behalf of the board of directors, Dallas Christmas Cheer wishes to express our heartfelt appreciation to this community and all the wonderful people who step up in so many different ways to provide a gift of food and toys to local families in their time of need.

Because of your help, 268 families had a Christmas with food in the cupboards and presents under the tree.

Christmas Eve morning, at about 6 o'clock, approximately 450 smiling volunteers -- both young and old -- teamed up to sort, shop, pack and deliver the holiday food boxes in record time. Dallas Christmas Cheer simply would not be able to function without your commitment.

It is such a joy to know that we live in a community that cares for one another, not just in thought but also in its actions.

To all the businesses and people that gave their gifts of money, time, energy and compassion for those in need, we thank you for being involved. Our hope is that this act of kindness will warm your heart as much as the people you helped and that that feeling carries on until we see you again next year.

Warren and Sue Lamb


Drop site is a key

for clothing drive

On behalf of the Darr Family, we would like to express our sincere thanks to Loren Faxon, owner of Starlite Lanes bowling center in Dallas, for allowing us once again to set up our "Warm and Fuzzy" winter clothing collection drop site.

Every year we feel truly blessed that the community donates such nice articles of warm clothing that is given to those who have needs right here in Polk County. For this we are ever grateful.

Deb Darr


Recent editorial

missed the mark

In regards to your editorial "Gun limits is only part of the answer" (Dec. 26 Itemizer-Observer), I have the following comments:

The shooter did not "acquire" his rifle, he committed murder and stole the rifle. How could this be a "tipoff to a potentially tragic event"? Bullet proof vests are not BULLET PROOF and are not part of the firearms debate.

What really made me mad was your term "massive semiautomatic assault rifles." Would you please define what you mean by "massive" and "assault rifle" since an AR-15 is neither?

Semiautomatic hunting rifles operate the same as the AR-15, the only difference being the external looks of the rifle, and that generally manufacturers don't produce large capacity magazines for them, though they are attainable.

If, as you say, "some form of gun limitations need to be imposed," what limitations would you impose? Are you proposing to ban all semiautomatic rifles, even the hunting rifles? Why are the semiautomatic hunting rifles less dangerous than non-hunting semiautomatics?

I am very disappointed in this editorial. You obviously don't know what you are talking about.

Gary Weis



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