7/4 MI Town: Patty Taylor Dutcher

Happy Birthday, USA!

In MI Town we are all eagerly anticipating this wonderful holiday, where our homes are filled with friends and family members as we get ready to celebrate Independence Day.

Main Street Park in Monmouth has been transformed into a marketplace with booths, displays and something for everyone to enjoy. Independence's Riverfront Park and Amphitheater is ready for the annual fireworks display and we'll all be waiting for the sun to go down and the celebration to begin.

Our appetites are whetted and ready for the annual Fourth of July firefighter's breakfast first thing in the morning at Polk County Fire District No. 1's Main Station in Independence, where we'll meet and greet friends and neighbors for some good conversation and a hearty breakfast. What a wonderful opportunity to show everyone our excellent fire station, where a great group of friends and neighbors are always prepared and ready in case of any emergency in MI Town.

Over the years, I've watched and participated in parades in small towns and metropolitan cities from coast to coast, and absolutely nothing comes even close to MI Town's annual Fourth of July events. There is nothing quite like this parade for the sheer joy and fun of seeing our friends and neighbors get together and share in the pure happiness of celebration and honoring the USA.

Honoring our military heroes and veterans and celebrating our nation's birthday give us all an opportunity to share in the very best MI Town can be -- and to be able to spend a couple of days showing friends, family and neighbors what truly constitutes the good life.


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