Fire season officially declared in Polk County

POLK COUNTY -- Wildfire season has begun in Polk County.

POLK COUNTY -- Wildfire season has begun in Polk County.

The Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF) announced the beginning of wildfire season for the West Oregon District, which includes Polk County, on July 11.

"With the current and predicted weather, summer is finally here," said West Oregon District Forester Mike Totey. "We want to get out in front of the situation, since fire danger is increasing."

With fire season comes a ban on open burning, which also began July 11. The ODF and the Fire Defense Board declared the ban, which aims to prevent open debris burns from escaping control. The restrictions will extend through the end of fire season.

Property owners are encouraged to explore other options during the burn ban, including: chipping, hauling debris to recycling centers and composting.

Rural fire agencies and ODF have the authority to enforce and regulate the burn ban, which may include issuing citations for violations.

Logging operations -- and others engaged in industrial activity in forests -- must take more precautions with the start of fire season.

If the warm, dry weather continues, restrictions may be added to recreation and other activities.

For more information on fire season restrictions, contact the Oregon Department of Forestry office in Dallas at 503-623-8146 or your local fire department.


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