6/13 Pedee News: Arlene Kovash

Norm and Donna Baldwin went to Niles, Mich., last week to visit their daughter, Kari, her husband, Benjamin, and grandchildren Robbie, Amber and Zachary.

The weather was beautiful and they had a nice time, although they mostly stayed around the house and ate fresh blueberries from Kari's garden. Norm helped with the weeding.


I just returned from Washington, D.C., where I go every year with American Agri-Women to meet with agencies that affect agriculture and talk with our congressional delegates. I visited with Rep. Greg Walden and Rep. Kurt Schrader's aide, Chris Huckleberry, among others.

Important issues this year were the death tax, which needs to be repealed, and agriculture labor.

One memorable visit was to the Brazilian ambassador's home on Embassy Row. So fun to see his beautiful mansion, visit their delightful staff, and enjoy Brazilian appetizers.


"A.M. Northwest" on KATU Channel 2 interviewed Chris Cameron Friday on his Mount Everest excursion. It was quite an adventure that he probably won't be repeating, he says. Given the dangers involved, he was a little nervous and very careful on the climb. He had trained for a year and a half. Pedee is very proud of him for summiting and all it took. Chris is the son of Steve and Audrey Cameron of Pedee.


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