5/9 Letters to the Editor

*Butterfield will be an effective judge*Felton will achieve justice as Polk DA*DLC thankful of support for dance*Felton right choice for district attorney*Butterfield would make a fair judge*Gaddis ha

Butterfield will be

an effective judge

As a Polk County Circuit Court Judge, I have seen Stan Butterfield in the courtroom. He has the temperment, skill and experience we need in a Circuit Court Judge.

As Polk County District Attorney, he established a reputation for effectiveness and decisive action.

He was the clear choice of Polk County lawyers in the recent Oregon State Bar preference poll and is the best choice for Circuit Court Judge Position 1.

Please join me in voting for Stan Butterfield.

Norman R. Hill

West Salem

Felton will achieve

justice as Polk DA

As a long-standing law enforcement officer, I support Aaron Felton for Polk County District Attorney.

My 30 years in law enforcement work included mostly major investigations, and over the years I worked with many prosecutors throughout the U.S.

In my contact with Mr. Felton I have been impressed with his dedication to law enforcement. As DA, I believe he will assist law enforcement officers in doing their jobs, but will not try to control or manipulate their work.

Aaron does not believe in taking short cuts. He is more interested in achieving justice than having an easy job.

Perry A. Lowe


DLC thankful of

support for dance

Dallas High School DLC would like to graciously thank all of those who were involved in the Festival of the Dragon dance.

Students from Dallas and Central high schools were able to dance the night away because of donations of time, funds or products from Mr. Formal, Court Street Hair, Kristen Beck, Dallas Realtors Association, Walmart, Majestic and Sound Works Photography.

We would also like to thank the community of Dallas and our students at the high school for their time and for coming and supporting our students.

Teresa Fenton

Dallas High School DLC


Felton right choice

for district attorney

Aaron Felton has the needed experience to serve as Polk County District Attorney.

Aaron believes in holding people accountable for their actions and he supports victim's desires to have things "made right" for them. Aaron will represent our county well as our lead prosecutor and the administrator of the DA's office.

In addition to his almost 20 years of legal experience, including service as a Deputy District Attorney in Polk County, Aaron is qualified to practice law in federal court.

I believe Aaron is the right choice for Polk County District Attorney.

Ken Braun


Butterfield would

make a fair judge

I had the pleasure of working with Stan Butterfield, where I relied on his knowledge of the law to aid me while I investigated a wide variety of cases.

Stan has a thorough understanding of all facets of the law, and he exemplified our motto of "firm, fair and consistent."

Stan's love for jurisprudence inspired him to continue his education and obtain his law degree. He has since worked in private practice and as Polk County's District Attorney.

He is an honest, intelligent and hardworking man. He will be a good and fair Circuit Court Judge.

Steve Sales


Gaddis has what

we need in a DA

I'm an attorney and have been a criminal prosecutor for more than 17 years. I know what it takes to be a good district attorney.

It takes a commitment to the law enforcement mission. It takes a very high level of skill and knowledge in the field of criminal prosecution. It takes wise judgment developed from making hard decisions. It takes fortitude to protect the community and victims of crime.

Jenn Gaddis has all these key characteristics. She is by far the best choice for district attorney of Polk County.

Matt McCauley

West Salem

Wheeler refreshing

choice for Polk BOC

Wow, am I happy.

In the past when it was time to vote, I hoped that my pick was the most honest candidate without a personal agenda who didn't make false promises. Finally, we have her.

Commissioner Jennifer Wheeler is the real deal. She knows the job, the laws that govern it, and understands she is part of a team making decisions for us.

Her promise is to work with the team to keep Polk County the peaceful, prosperous and beautiful home we all love.

She'll be there for us. I'd be such a fool to vote for anyone else.

Carol Houck


Felton well suited

for district attorney

I am writing to support Aaron Felton for Polk County District Attorney.

As a nearly lifelong resident of Salem, having someone tough on crime managing the DA's post is critical. We all want a safe, just and thriving community to raise our families. Aaron has the experience and track record to make that happen.

He has kept violent criminals, including sexual predators, behind bars. Unlike his opponent, Aaron has the confidence I can trust. Aaron is without a doubt the best man for the job.

Please join me in voting for Aaron Felton for Polk County District Attorney.

Kimberly Morrison

West Salem

Hat's off to Dallas

district teachers

In honor of "Teacher Appreciation Week" the Dallas School Board applauds the teachers of the Dallas School District.

We appreciate their time and efforts that go above and beyond to educate our students and provide them the opportunity to succeed in their future endeavors. Teachers hold one of the most important professions in the world. They are one of the main pillars of a sound and progressive society.

Please join us this week in extending a big thank you to the Dallas School District teachers and telling them how invaluable their services are.

Lu Ann Meyer


Candidate for DA

appreciates help

As this election draws to a close, I want to thank the many volunteers who have given so much time and effort in support of my campaign for Polk County District Attorney. Your generosity is truly humbling.

I must also express my gratitude to the people of Polk County. Whether it has been on the doorstep, the phone or over coffee, you have shared important concerns, questions and issues regarding the justice system. I value these conversations and consider them the finest part of the campaign.

Again, thank you. I hope through this campaign I have earned your vote.

Aaron Felton

West Salem

County will benefit

from Gaddis as DA

Jenn Gaddis has been a prosecutor her entire career and has proven herself in the courtroom time and time again.

She has empathy and strength to help all victims. Jenn has brought new ideas and significant accountability to the DA's office.

As a citizen of Polk County, I feel confident and proud of both the law enforcement and prosecutors who protect my family and friends. Jenn Gaddis will continue to serve Polk County with professionalism and dignity.

Please join me in voting Jenn Gaddis for DA.

Juli Lichtenberger


Falls City student

appreciates home

Hola, Polk County. From Rosario, Argentina, I am ecstatic to be a representative of Oregon and my home community, Falls City.

As a student at the University of Oregon and alumna of Falls City High School, I have embarked on this journey to South America for an amazing study abroad program of Spanish language and culture. Although the warm climate of Rosario's autumn has been beautiful, I can't help but miss the rain and greenery of the Willamette Valley's spring.

I find that in many of my conversations with local Argentinians I bring up my love of our quaint area in Oregon and my longing for home on my seventh week abroad. More than ever, I have began to comprehend the enduring perception I have of my home in Polk County.

I want to express great appreciation to all of my family and friends. Never underestimate the quality of our home we have here in Polk County, and always remember where you come from. Being on this journey has expanded my horizons and has shown me the significance of connecting with my community and cherishing every aspect of it.

If you are interested in hearing about my adventures as a small-town girl experiencing the life in a large foreign city, you are welcome to follow my blog at: http://argentineeyes.blogspot.com.ar/.

Hope all is well in the U.S. I'm thinking about you, Polk County. Chau!

Alea McConnell

Falls City

Gaddis is worthy

of support for DA

I voted for Jenn Gaddis for Polk County District Attorney.

This is so important. Our law enforcement community is "the front line" and they have to have people who they can work with well. This in turns makes our community safer and more effective.

Please join me in casting your vote for Jenn Gaddis.

Mary Jane Mathews


Felton committed

to public service

Aaron Felton has the experience and commitment to be an excellent district attorney for Polk County.

Felton has more than 20 years experience in arguing complex cases in state and federal court. His opponent finished law school just five years ago.

Felton oversees a statewide public safety agency charged with post-sentence rehabilitation and supervision. He is a tireless advocate for victims' rights.

In electing Felton, Polk County will gain a man with extensive prosecutorial experience and criminal justice insight. I have known him for nine years. His tremendous commitment to public service is matched by his professional and ethical standards.

Dawn Reynolds


Clem's background

suited for position

Dan Clem possesses the knowledge, skills and abilities of an outstanding candidate for Polk County Commissioner: education, experience, leadership, problem-solver, analytical, quick-study of issues, community service, common sense and "down-to-earth guy."

He has a master's degree from OSU and is a military retiree.

Since 1977, Dan's experience includes leadership positions in private business, all levels of government and working with the legislature. Dan's community service includes West Salem City Councilor, serving as chairman, member and organizer on numerous committees benefiting Polk County residents.

Dan pledges to protect the water supply of the Rickreall water aquifer.

Evelyn Hardin

West Salem

Felton will help

keep streets safe

Please join me in voting for Aaron Felton for Polk County District Attorney.

During the past eight years, I have had the opportunity to get to know Mr. Felton through our homeowners association, where he has frequently volunteered. It was obvious from the first time I met Mr. Felton that he is a knowledgeable lawyer, trustworthy and has high morals.

In his professional life, Mr. Felton has already prosecuted hundreds of criminals and fights to keep violent criminals behind bars.

I am confident he will continue to help keep our streets safer as our next district attorney.

April Dieterle

West Salem

Many work to make

triathlon a success

The WOU Sprint+Triathlon would like to thank all of our 2012 participants, volunteers and sponsors. Without your interest, support and hard work our event would not be as successful as it is each year.

This was our Sixth Annual WOU Sprint+Triathlon. We received an overwhelming amount of support that helped us achieve the smoothest event to date with great success and happy participants. We strive to improve and expand this event each year. We believe it brings a whole new population to this healthy sport, great campus and rural community.

This year we had 132 athletes (18 teams) primarily from Oregon. Our strongest representation came from the Independence and Monmouth area, Albany, Salem and Portland. We did have athletes travel from Washington and even one from Utah.

Our reputation and success depends on the collaborated efforts of all involved and we truly appreciate all the support we receive. Thank you for working with us.

Check out our website www.wou.edu/triathlon or Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/WOU-Sprint-Triathlon/177411945705023?notif_t=fbpage_admin to view photos of the event and see how this collaboration increased our success.

Melissa Ineck, Elke Asleson

Co-Race Directors


Public servants

deserve thanks

As a federal retiree, I want to share my story with you during Public Service Recognition Week (May 6-12).

The first thing you should know about my 31-plus years of service to America as a federal worker is that I loved the job I did for my country. I worked for the Environmental Protection Agency conducting research whose results were used to protect our nation's natural resources.

With the exception of astronauts and the SEAL team that caught Osama bin Laden, there aren't many federal employees whose work is heralded in newspaper headlines. This doesn't matter much to us. Whether it's our role to inspect spinach for traces of salmonella, open new international trade routes for U.S. companies, patrol America's borders or care for our veterans, a federal employee's satisfaction comes from knowing that America is safer and stronger because we did our jobs.

There are thousands of federal workers right here in western Oregon. They sound the alarm when a bad storm is coming, deliver the mail and manage our public lands. As you encounter these federal workers in our community this week -- Public Service Recognition Week -- I encourage you to let them know that you appreciate the work they do on our behalf.

Unfortunately, in Washington, some politicians have repeatedly singled out the pay and earned benefits of federal workers and retirees. This year, Congress has debated plans to cut federal employee paychecks and jobs to offset the costs of the payroll-tax holiday and a major highway bill, and to prevent cuts in the Pentagon's budget. If Congress continues on its current path, it will destroy the proud legacy of civil service.

Let's take this opportunity to thank federal employees in our community for keeping our country safe and on track for more than two centuries.

Michael Cairns


Know candidates

before casting vote

May 15 is rapidly approaching. It is critical that voters be informed before casting their ballots.

News articles, letters and endorsements may be helpful, but the most telling candidate information is found in the Voters' Pamphlet.

Candidates are limited to a 325-word submission. What they choose to include and omit is often very telling. While reading the pamphlet, ask yourself whether, given what you've learned from other sources, the candidate presents an accurate picture of his or her experience and abilities that demonstrates qualification for the office sought.

Above all else, please remember to vote.

Sally Avera


Wheeler's the one

for Polk County

We encourage you to vote for Jennifer Wheeler for Polk County Commissioner.

Trust and integrity are two words we feel best describe Jennifer. We are confident in her ability to help guide Polk County in the future.

Won't you join us and cast your vote for Jennifer Wheeler for Polk County Commissioner.

Mike and DeAnn Ainsworth


Avera has what's

needed in a judge

Sally Avera is the clear choice for Circuit Court Judge.

She has four times the years of experience as her opponent. Throughout Oregon, she is respected as a legal scholar. She has advocated at the highest levels as a prosecutor and a defender. As the head of a state criminal justice agency, Sally returned money to the legislature every biennium.

As a 35-year resident of Dallas, Sally has been active in the community, making this a better place to live.

Hard working. Honest. Dedicated. Ready to take office now. Sally is an easy choice for Circuit Court Judge.

Joanne M. Chown


Couple's support

of students noted

Many thanks to Lane and Francine Shetterly for sponsoring the attendance of more than 50 Dallas High School music students at two Oregon Symphony concerts this spring. It is so very much appreciated.

This is the fourth consecutive year that the Shetterlys have extended their generous support by way of sharing their passion for symphonic music with the students.

The students and their teachers were very fortunate to hear the wonderful Oregon Symphony perform in Salem. There is no substitute for the live classical music experience.

Thank you dear Shetterlys.

Bev Shein



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