5/30 Pedee News: Arlene Kovash

Chris Cameron, son of Steve and Audrey Cameron of Pedee, is climbing Mount Everest.

He left on March 21 and visited a college friend in Korea and also stopped over in Thailand on his way to Nepal. He has had a few problems on the trip. He fell down a circular staircase at his brother Bob's house in Tigard on the morning he left for the airport. Bob and Audrey got him on the plane, and he assured them he would be OK. Then, three weeks ago, he was suffering a pain in his stomach and walked for three days down the mountain to find a doctor, who determined it was a stomach ulcer. After taking medicine, Chris felt better and walked three more days up the mountain to meet up with his climbing group, Peak Freaks.

He reached the summit Thursday and was headed down to a base camp out of the "death zone" on the mountain.

Family and friends are praying for a safe climb for Chris and all will be relieved when he returns home on June 6. Chris has a plane ticket for June 9 to fly to Bristol Bay, Alaska, to get his boat ready for the salmon fishing season.


Twenty-seven members of the Riley and Elizabeth Burbank family got together for their annual reunion at the Pedee Women's Clubhouse on May 19.

The gathering included their remaining grandchildren, Laura Dyer of Monmouth, Ruth VanDamm of Damascus, Marie Tomllin of Colton, and Alice Pankratz of Camas, Wash.

There has been as many as 200 at the reunion, as Riley and Elizabeth had 17 children. Laura said that she has only missed one reunion in her 87 years. Pam Burbank, daughter-in-law of Laura's brother, Aaron Burbank, was the only person there who's last name is still Burbank.


Wes Burbank celebrated his 80th birthday at a barbecue at son Dave and Suzanne Burbank's home on May 20. In addition to Wes and Carla, their granddaughter Jewell, daughter of Dennis Burbank of Independence, was there. Wes is only remotely related to the Burbank family above, being something like a fifth or sixth cousin to Laura.


Gene and Carolyn Hall's niece, Sherry Brown, and her husband, Jeff, and their sons, Jonah and Miles, came from Santa Clarita, Calif., to visit for the first time since Sherry was a little girl. The Halls had a family barbecue to welcome them. A highlight for the boys was a ride on Nick Johnson's horse, which he had ridden to the church.


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