10/24 Letters to the Editor

*Wheeler knows issues Polk faces *Candidate for judge seeking your vote *Clem best suited to be commissioner *Wheeler ranks among the best *Wheeler shares values that we do *Clem well prepared for BOC

Wheeler knows

issues Polk faces

Jennifer Wheeler is the best choice for all of Polk County.

She is honest, experienced and has integrity.

I have known her for more than 15 years. She has always been honest and has great family values. Jennifer can be trusted. She has served the county for 17 years. She will be looking out for the whole county, not her own agenda. She knows the issues that are going on and will work to achieve them.

Join me in voting for Jennifer Wheeler for Polk County Commissioner.

Kathy Clemons


Candidate for judge

seeking your vote

It has been my profound honor to serve Polk County. As a circuit judge, I have worked hard to treat everyone who appears in my courtroom with respect and to render judgements based on the law and the Constitution.

I especially want to thank the hundreds of volunteers who helped our campaign by walking in parades, knocking on doors and putting up signs. We have tried to run a positive campaign worthy of this important office and this great county.

I respectfully ask for your vote and support in this election so that I can continue serving Polk County.

Norm Hill

Circuit Court Judge

West Salem

Clem best suited

to be commissioner

Polk County needs a commissioner candidate who demonstrates knowledge, skills, abilities, leadership, accountability and experience to do the job.

Dan Clem is that candidate.

Dan is a problem-solver, quick study of issues, has provided many years of government service at the federal, state, county and city levels, and community service to Polk County citizens.

He quickly responds to citizen inquiries. Farmers and citizens in Polk County who rely on Rickreall Water System would be wise to vote for Dan as he has pledged to protect said water. Dan also has vast experience running small businesses.

Evelyn Hardin

West Salem

Wheeler ranks

among the best

Jennifer Wheeler is the 87th Polk County Commissioner, but she is the first woman to serve in that office.

I have known Jennifer for several years and am supporting her because in my 78 years living in West Salem, and having known many past commissioners, Jennifer rates among the best.

Credentials include: bachelor's degree in criminal justice, graduating magna cum laude; district attorney office; secretary to commissioners; and county commissioner since April 2011.

The recently opened Polk County Mental Health and Addiction Services Clinic in West Salem was under Jennifer's watch.

Jennifer works for all residents of Polk County equally.

Wayne Simmons

West Salem

Wheeler shares

values that we do

I am supporting Jennifer Wheeler for Polk County Commissioner because she is uniquely qualified for this position.

Polk County has a history of good leadership and Jennifer is a part of that.

As a lifelong resident of Polk County, I've seen Polk County from the eyes of a youth, working adult and now as a retired grandfather, and hold dearly to the values that make Polk County what it is. Jennifer shares those values, which is why I am supporting her with my vote and encourage you to do likewise.

Norm Fairchild

West Salem

Clem well prepared

for BOC position

I am encouraging you to vote for Dan Clem as Polk County Commissioner, Position 1.

I live in West Salem and have known Dan for several years. Dan has done an excellent job in representing West Salem on the Salem City Council.

Dan does a very good job in obtaining our thoughts and suggestions as they pertain to city council business. He works well with the people and takes part in community activities.

Dan's involvement in his past work activities and organizations have given him an excellent background to meet the responsibilities of Polk County Commissioner.

Cliff Girod

West Salem

What was Dallas

council thinking


Is the Dallas City Council asleep at the wheel?

First, it gives the city manager a credit card with no limit. He allegedly uses it for personal purchases. Now, it is reported that under the watch of the former city manager hundreds of thousands of dollars were misdirected from our city funds in violation of Oregon law.

The current Dallas City Council and city attorney should have been on top of the criminal activity and the violations of Oregon law. It is not fiscally responsible to give a blank check credit card to a city manager.

We need new people at the helm who don't fall asleep at the wheel. We need term limits for those who have been on the council too long in the "good ol' boys" club.

Residents of Dallas deserve better.

Faye L. Frei


Startup program

thanks local group

On behalf of the Canby community and Canby Kiwanis Club, I would like to thank Mitch Ratzlaff and the members of the Dallas School District's Distinguished Educator Committee.

We have recently started our own award to recognize Canby's teachers and support staff, and Mitch helped us tremendously to get our committee together and get the award organized.

Matt Olsen


Wheeler knows

our county best

We need to keep Jennifer Wheeler as Polk County Commissioner.

She was appointed to fill the vacancy after Mike Propes' death. She knew firsthand how the county was run since she was their secretary for 12 years. Who else has that experience?

Polk County is probably the most efficiently run county in Oregon. The commissioners are very aware of needs and concerns of all areas in the county, including West Salem.

Don't make change just for the sake of change -- if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Let's keep Jennifer Wheeler and keep our county running smoothly.

Myrna Simmons

West Salem

Judge also serves

local community

I am a life-long Dallas resident and I know how important it is to have judges with a connection to our community. Judge Norman Hill is exceptionally qualified.

He is experienced in criminal law and an expert in civil law. He is also endorsed by scores of judges, community leaders and citizens. Most importantly, he is active in the community. He is a Rotarian and a member of the Dallas and Monmouth-Independence chambers of commerce.

We need to keep this good man on the bench.

Tamera Bird


Budgeting snafu

is disappointing

Kudos to Dallas Interim City Manager Jon Nelson for discovering and disclosing the questionable financial goings on at City Hall.

Dallas city government spent $583,000 of restricted SDC money on an ineligible infrastructure study. Add to that they transferred $784,000 of SDC money to the general fund. This purportedly is the interest earned on all SDC money since 1991.

And -- if there aren't already enough black eyes at City Hall -- they also transferred $800,000 of SDC money to an aquatic trust fund in 2008-09, and in 2010-11 they transferred SDC funds of $583,000 to the general fund and $220,000 to a newly created fleet management fund. Then throw in the heavy increase of sewer and water utility funds transferred to support the general fund, amounting to $1 million in 2010-11.

If I had paid up to $12,000 of SDC fees to have a house built in Dallas, that would be painful enough. But if I then found out that the city is misspending this money on purposes other than intended and restricted, draining off the earnings on this money, and filling holes in its operating budget with my restricted funds, I might get upset and demand repayment from responsible parties.

Charles Krogman


Hill will continue

to serve us well

I have been a lawyer in Polk County for more than 35 years. I have known Judge Norm Hill since 1993, when he worked in the Polk County District Attorney's office prosecuting criminals.

I watched him develop an exceptional career as a private lawyer over the next 17 years. Judge Hill has now been on the bench in Polk County since February. I have appeared in his courtroom and I can say, without reservation, that he has the experience, skill and judicial knowledge to be a great judge.

We should vote to retain Judge Hill.

Chris Lillegard


Wheeler has kept

campaign positive

This has been an election like no other in Polk County.

When my wife, Jennifer Wheeler, stepped forward and was appointed Polk County Commissioner, she did so as a citizen willing to serve. I am proud of Jennifer, in her performance as commissioner and her personal integrity as a candidate.

We determined from the start to run an honest campaign, trusting the voters' desire for factual, truthful information. Although refusing to play fast and loose with truth can put you at a political disadvantage, Jennifer hasn't wavered.

This is the standard you can count on with Commissioner Jennifer Wheeler.

Tim Wheeler


Hill a clear choice

for judge position

From the perspective of more than 24 years as your Polk County Judge, I can assure everyone that Judge Norm Hill possesses all the necessary qualifications that make Judge Hill the clear choice to continue as your Polk County Circuit Court Judge.

Judge Hill's judicial service and the overwhelming support from members of our legal community confirm this fact.

Judge Hill prevails in any comparison of temperament, judgment, legal knowledge and community involvement. However, the greatest distinction is Judge Hill's integrity. There is no comparison on this most important judicial quality.

Join me in voting to retain Judge Norm Hill.

Charles E. Luukinen

West Salem

Clem has a grasp

of county issues

Dan Clem is obviously the right person for the job of Polk County Commissioner.

He has hands-on experience in a leadership role working directly alongside local government and community members.

His extensive knowledge of the issues facing Polk County shows his understanding of his "home," Polk County. We have watched his unending drive to find answers to the issues facing Salem and Polk County and we are amazed at his dedication to the people he serves.

We are thrilled with the thought of Dan being our county commissioner, knowing what he will accomplish for all of Polk County.

Dan and Sherry DeForest

West Salem

Honest is among

Wheeler's assets

In campaigning for offices at all levels, the one thing we all want is honesty and integrity.

We want to know the facts, knowledge and experience the candidates have about issues that pertain to the office they are running for -- nothing more but where do they stand and what can they do for us.

Jennifer Wheeler is someone who is honest, hardworking and dedicated to all citizens of Polk County, not just areas that will garner the most votes. She cares and will work hard for all of us.

Honesty is utmost. Vote Jennifer Wheeler for Polk County Commissioner.

Tom and Patti Sample

Falls City

BOX candidate has

proven leadership

Polk County needs commissioners who are creative and innovative.

Without new ideas and experienced leaders, services will continue to be cut dramatically. Ideas from employees for efficiencies have helped, but commissioners need to solve critical problems: diminishing water supplies, access to I-5 to move products, transforming health care, and providing economic growth without relying on federal subsidies.

Solving these problems is stalled for lack of ideas and leadership. I have vision, ideas and proven leadership.

I am not content with the lack of progress. We can do better -- I would appreciate your vote for Dan Clem for Polk County Commissioner.

Dan Clem

West Salem

Clem most qualified

for county position

As a new resident in Polk County, I was not familiar with those running for local office. After researching the candidates, I see Dan Clem as being most qualified for Polk County Commissioner.

His leadership and management abilities were honed in the service of our country, as a Lieutenant Colonel in the Army. He has the ability to lead and provide new vision and new ideas. These abilities will be invaluable to the citizens of Polk County as a Polk County Commissioner.

I look forward to his election and the vision he will bring for the future.

James McIntosh

West Salem

Clem right person

for commissioner

Elect Dan Clem for Polk County Commissioner.

The time is now to elect an individual who has a track record of making a difference in the community. His energy and experience is much needed in future transportation issues, job growth and addressing the spending of our Polk County government.

My opinion is Dan is the right person to be our Polk County Commissioner. Join me in electing him to office this November.

Tim Klarr

West Salem

Given opponents'

past, vote Wheeler

Jennifer Wheeler has been doing a great job as Polk County Commissioner and has the support of the other two commissioners and works well with them.

Her opponent has had two issues highlighted recently: His Polk County fair board attendance and using Mike Propes' name in promotional material.

These two items, coupled with his highly publicized exit from state employment amid claims and subsequent litigation, certainly make this an easy election choice.

Please join me in keeping Jennifer Wheeler as our first female county commissioner.

C. Ralph Blanchard


Wheeler a key part

of successful team

Candidates sometimes promise solutions that are clearly outside the reach of the office they seek, or claim they exclusively know the path to our prosperity.

In the race for Polk County Commissioner, I can assure you that none of these characteristics would be attributed to Commissioner Jennifer Wheeler. By contrast to her opponent, Jennifer has never failed to fully disclose her professional past, has never claimed to be the sole source of solutions or ideas, and has always shared achievements with her team.

Please join me in voting for continued success in team leadership with Jennifer Wheeler as commissioner.

Craig Pope

Polk County Commissioner


Smear campaigns

have no credibility

Please do not get fooled by smear letters or emails against any candidate for office. Most of us don't like or believe them. They are, simply put, exaggerations intended for no good.

And while some of these malicious writers identify themselves -- many don't -- you will find that they haven't ever really met the candidate or completed their "research" fully.

Please vote for the candidate who runs a positive campaign and doesn't allow their supporters to spread false and misleading accusations. It is easier to stay positive about our future when we stay on the high-road during the election process.

Tyson Pruett

West Salem


Last Call for Election Letters

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