10/24 MI Town: Patty Taylor Dutcher

On these occasional days when we can celebrate the increasingly rare sun breaks by getting out for a good brisk walk around MI Town, it's great to wander along through the colorful autumn leaves and remember how much fun it was to be a kid at this time of year.

Somehow when raking those same leaves and trying to keep the sidewalks clear of wet and soggy clumps of twigs and branches, it becomes a necessary task and there's nothing fun about it.

It all goes easier, though, when there's a comfy chair beside the fireplace and a steaming cup of hot cider waiting for you when the job is done. A warm cat in your lap and a good old dog at your side brings sunshine and happiness into your heart and home no matter what the calendar says.


Fall is also the time of year when we deliberate about whether to turn on the furnace or tough it out one more chilly morning, hoping for a little bit of sunshine and warmth courtesy of Mother Nature to get us through the day.

At our house, we are seriously thinking about getting the flannel sheets out of the back of the linen closet, finally admitting that our long and wonderful summer is really and truly over for another year.

It's also time to check smoke detector batteries, to be extra cautious with fireplaces and stoves and be sure the flues are clean and clear, and to take a few minutes to remind family members of a safety plan in case we have to leave our homes because of fire.


The Monmouth Senior Center soup and pie sale on Thursday was just about the best ever -- and if you missed it, be sure to plan for the next one, which will be held in the springtime.

MI Town was blessed with a beautiful, clear day and hungry folks from all around the area were lined up early to enjoy a variety of wonderful homemade soups and pies while meeting and greeting friends and neighbors.

Congratulations and best wishes to all the hardworking volunteers who give many hours of their time and energy every week as a labor of love to our senior center.


Halloween is a week from Wednesday, and there will be lots of young children wandering the streets of MI Town in search of goodies. Many businesses in MI Town will be open to welcome the ghosties and ghoulies and long-legged beasties. What a great opportunity for local merchants to meet parents and children and showcase their products and services.


See you at McArthur Stadium on the Western Oregon University campus this Saturday, when our Wolves meet Azusa Pacific at 1 p.m. Rain or shine, we'll be there for a great football game.


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