9/5 MI Town: Patty Taylor Dutcher

My unabashed enthusiasm for college football has only grown since we've become Western Oregon University season ticket holders, and this year's lineup of home games looks like a winner.

Coach Arne Ferguson and his staff are working with a talented group of young athletes who promise a great season for fans of all ages.

What a wonderful way to support our very own Western Oregon University Wolves and enjoy a good football game right here in MI Town. Saturday's season-opening contest with Grand Valley State was only the beginning of what promises to be another good year.

And while we're on the subject ... Saturday was a reminder that it is also the beginning of another Beaver and Duck football season. As long as I can remember, both Beaver and Duck fans have made their pilgrimages down Highway 99W for their home football games with cars and motor homes all decked out in school colors. It's great to see such enthusiasm for our state university sports programs.


Welcome back to Jon Carey, who has graciously accepted to return, on an interim basis, to his former job as athletic director at Western Oregon University. We're looking forward to seeing you on campus again.


My sister, Suzie Bruce, was a recent MI Town visitor from Arizona and it was such fun to share all the good things our communities offer.

We enjoyed several lunches in our local restaurants, enjoyed listening to music in the park and visiting with friends and walking around campus.

It's really great to see our area through others' eyes and just reacquaint ourselves with so many good and interesting shops, restaurants and other local businesses. This also gives me another opportunity to remind everyone that by shopping locally, we keep our money where our community is -- and help our friends and neighbors provide us with quality goods and services.


It's time to watch for students of all ages as they walk to and from school. All those big, yellow school buses will be sharing the roads with us in the early morning and late afternoons, carrying their precious cargo -- our children and grandchildren -- for the next several months. We all need to be extra careful while driving in our communities.

School zone speed limits are also in effect, and since our law officers can't be everywhere all the time, it's necessary that we observe those speed limits and drive carefully in school zones.


These beautiful mornings and cooler evenings remind us of the transition in seasons, and can also remind us of what pleasure there can be in a good walk around the neighborhood or through our downtown areas to visit with friends along the way and welcome new folks to our community.


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