Dallas church celebrates 100 years

DALLAS -- In 1910, Solomon Ediger, a farmer, decided to move his family from Kansas to Dallas.

DALLAS -- In 1910, Solomon Ediger, a farmer, decided to move his family from Kansas to Dallas.

They settled in the Oak Villa area in 1912.

Not finding a home in an established church, Ediger and his family worshiped each Sunday in the homes of friends or other facilities in Dallas.

An ordained minister, Ediger decided to build his own church instead of holding services in ever-changing locations.

The church, located on what is now East Ellendale Avenue near KWIP radio station, was dedicated in 1917. It would eventually become Dallas' Evangelical Bible Church.

This weekend, the church will celebrate 100 years in the community. The celebration will include visits from former pastors, youth pastors and deacons, as well as a traditional German feast in honor of the church's founders' German heritage.

"It's amazing to think of God's faithfulness to this community and to this church," said church member Sherri Fobert. "We hope this is the right way to express thanks for that faithfulness. People are excited."

While the dinner is open to members only, the public is welcome to join the church for special Sunday morning and evening worship services.

Fobert said the church has been planning for months how to commemorate the 100-year anniversary.

She said among the highlights will be a visit from three of Ediger's grandsons during Saturday night's dinner.

Church member Walt Warkentin said, according to accounts of early church history, the original church was torn down and rebuilt in the current location at 1175 SE Howe St. off Miller Avenue some time in the 1920s. The old church still stands on the property.

It isn't the only reminder of Evangelical Bible Church's long history in the community.

"We have a lot of founding families still within our church," Fobert said.


Dallas Evangelical Bible Church 100-year celebration schedule:



* 9:30 a.m. - Special combined and extended worship service, including introduction of former pastors.

* 6 p.m. - worship through music followed by brownies and ice cream.

For more information about 100-year celebration activities or church programs, call 503-623-2331.


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