9/19 Letters to the Editor

*Many helped make event a big success*Gift to dog shelter makes a difference*Wheeler a proven leader for county*Don't leave thorns along bike path*Neighbors thankful for quick response

Many helped make

event a big success

I would like to thank Monmouth Dairy Queen for providing hamburgers and buns and Roth's Fresh Markets and Stayton Safeway for furnishing watermelon and beverages for the recent Gate Youth Association Tail"Gate"r event.

The Gate Youth Association works in collaboration with several other community organizations in providing after-school academic, recreational and spiritual opportunities for teens as well as Tuesday Lunch, which starts its 23rd year this fall.

The Gate Board would also like to thank the 175 supporters who attended the event as well as the volunteers and The Thursdays at The Gate Youth Leadership Team who provided assistance during the event.

Joyce Wahl


Gift to dog shelter

makes a difference

Earlier this summer, Skip and Betty Lowrie of Dallas invited friends into their home to enjoy the summer weather. As part of their festivities, the Lowries arranged to collect donations for the city's dog shelter.

Ultimately, $515 was donated as well as nearly 200 pounds of dog and cat food.

I'd like to thank Skip and Betty, as well as their many friends, for their generosity toward this important program.

Jeremy Teal

Dog Control Program

Dallas Police Department

Wheeler a proven

leader for county

I have confidence that Polk County is in good hands with Commissioner Jennifer Wheeler.

She is sharp, knowledgeable, experienced and has proven herself to be a solid leader who demonstrates sound judgment.

I have owned and operated a business here for 28 years. Jennifer supports local business and cares very much about her community -- all of it. I know Jennifer is committed to keeping Polk County a great place to live and will not succumb to pressures of special interest groups if it means jeopardizing her integrity or the livability of our county.

Join me in electing Jennifer this November.

Daniel Lowe


Don't leave thorns

along bike path

Recently while bike riding on the Highway 99W bike path I encountered blackberry pickers.

They were using clippers to cut off branches so they could more easily reach berries inside the bushes. I noticed they were throwing the branches onto the ground and bike path. I maneuvered around and continued on.

Just south of the lavender farm I noticed my front tire was flat. Not wanting to ride on a flat tire I turned around and began walking. Soon another biker stopped and pumped up my tire enough so I could continue.

I made it home, as it was a slow leak. I didn't ride again, but three days later my husband noticed the tire was flat. With some difficulty he removed the tire. He pumped it up, then put it in water, where he saw multiple bubbling areas. Then he took off the inner tube, which also had leaks. Upon closer inspection he noticed blackberry thorns in many areas.

He then proceeded to Electric Peddler on Ellendale Avenue in Dallas, where he purchased a new tire and tube. The helpful people at the bike shop replaced the tire.

Total work time: 2 hours for my husband, 1 hour at the bike shop. Total cost: $35.00 -- all because someone wanted a berry pie the easy way.

Please -- if you cut berry branches, don't throw them where people walk or ride bikes.

Eleanor Cowles


Neighbors thankful

for quick response

A crisis (fire leaping to storage shed and trailers) was recently diverted by the first responder who contained the leaping flames of a power box fire in the dead of night.

The Belle Aire Villa neighbors want to thank the following services:

Sheriff -- For calling Pacific Power and keeping adventurous neighbors out of harms way.

Pacific Power technician -- For quickly driving within minutes his pickup and lift to the scene to sever the main line and to stop the flames.

Dallas firemen and firewomen -- For their professional and effective services: drove trailer owners' car back out of danger, offered to refill her metal fire extinguisher, explained the cause of the fire, and much more.

The neighbors came together to fight the fire, bringing three fire extinguishers to the site, offering to keep the owners' items in their refrigerator and freezer, and offering a place to stay, sleep and bathe.

After sidestepping a crisis, our recommendation: keep handy, in your kitchen, a four-way, five-pound metal fire extinguisher (A-D) that is refillable.

We are all so fortunate to live in the Dallas area. Thank you all for your excellent service.

Kenneth Johnson



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