District considering selling surplus properties to LVCS

DALLAS -- The Dallas School District has been leasing the Pedee and Bridgeport campuses to Luckiamute Valley Charter Schools (LVCS) for $1 a year.

DALLAS -- The Dallas School District has been leasing the Pedee and Bridgeport campuses to Luckiamute Valley Charter Schools (LVCS) for $1 a year.

Now that the charter school is asking for a long-term charter extension, the district believes it may be time to sell the schools to LVCS.

"We have been in some discussion with LVCS and they have some interest in purchasing the properties of Bridgeport and Pedee," Dallas Superintendent Christy Perry said Monday night during a Dallas School Board meeting. "This is in the really early stages."

Pedee opened as a charter school in 2001 after the district decided to close the rural school. The Bridgeport campus was added in 2003 after it, too, was slated for closure, creating Luckiamute Valley Charter Schools.

After 12 years, the charter school is at it highest enrollment and is seeking a 10-year extension of its charter.

Before selling the buildings, though, the board first has to declare them "surplus property," something Perry said should have happened when the charter schools opened.

"The charter school has a long history out there," she said. "I think this is a conversation we should entertain with them, but we think this is the first step."

That step, according to district administrative rules, requires a public process.

"If you look at our policies, it does call for us to have community input and long-range planning as we make the declaration of surplus," she said, noting there were lengthy discussions ultimately ending with the charter schools opening. "It seems to me the board did that 10 years ago."

Perry said the biggest concern about selling the properties would be if the district were to need to reopen them in the future, a scenario that doesn't seem likely.

"They've been closed now for over 10 years and we don't have a plan for expansion in that direction," she said.

The district still needs to examine the properties' deeds before further considering a sale. No price negotiations have occurred.

District staff will draft a resolution declaring the properties surplus for a future board meeting, which will include any public comment about selling the buildings.

For more information or to comment: 503-623-5594 or email Christy.Perry@dsd2.org.

In other district business, the board:

* Reviewed Superintendent Christy Perry's annual evaluation, which consists of assessing her performance on a set of goals. Evidence of progress is gathered with each goal throughout the evaluation process.

The board gave Perry an overall positive evaluation, saying: "In our opinion, and through collection of evidence, Christy Perry has displayed sustained, superior performance throughout the year and has made many significant accomplishments in the face of serious budget shortfalls."

The board will approve the evaluation at its next meeting April 22. The list of the evidence collected will be added for final approval.

"This year especially, it's just a great collection," said Mike Bollman, the board's chairman. "It's just very impressive, all your work that you do every day for our school district."

* Approved a district Employee Giving Program that allows district employees to deduct donations for approved charitable organizations directly from their paychecks. The deductions would be withheld from pay and forwarded on to designated organizations.


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