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*Leadership changes overdue at WESD*Dallas garage sale policy is fine as is*Police deserve better facilities*Woods good choice for school board*Garage sale fee simply ridiculous*Monmouth levy not a 'w

Leadership changes

overdue at WESD

Willamette Education Service District is in the news again.

Violating the "public meeting notice" is a very serious issue. Appointing a person to the superintendent position without public notice, no notice of a job opening and not looking nationwide for a suitable candidate is a serious issue.

All this was done in a "closed" meeting without public knowledge.

What needs to be done is the chairman of the board who set the meetings should resign. Also, there has to be a better candidate for this position as the one who was picked has been in the No. 2 position all through their long history of problems, as was brought forward in newspaper articles.

He reportedly has claimed that he knew nothing of the problems, but I say a person in his position should have known and stepped forward to stop them.

These articles triggered the secretary of state to call for a complete audit that uncovered a long list of problems that some are still being worked on today.

I say it's time for a change.

Bill J. Kluting


Woods good choice

for school board

Join me in supporting Jon Woods for Dallas School Board.

Jon is a "hometown guy" and product of Dallas schools. Jon serves on the board already. He is very knowledgeable and has proven himself as a positive force.

Jon has a child in the district, and he and his wife work jobs in the community and own a local business that raises funds for school programs.

Jon has involved himself in the community and schools in a variety of ways as a volunteer. His family has been a valued part of this community for more than 120 years.

Lynn Hurt


Dallas garage sale

policy is fine as is

Recently I noticed the Dallas City Council is considering a change in a "good flagship program."

The current garage sale system was designed to make it efficient for citizens to have their usually one garage sale per year with a nice off-premise sign. The program was developed more than 20 years ago with a simple registration and a sign checkout.

It has worked well with few problems. Citizens have taken advantage of the free registration and the city has provided and made the system work well.

There is no reason to change this program to a fee system. Government sometimes looks for revenue even where good policy already exists. I hope the council will drop the idea of charging for this program, which will then cause a change in philosophy.

Charging for charging's sake is always bad policy. This idea should be reconsidered. If the council needs to charge for this program, connect it to bad faith like the people who damage or don't return the signs.

James Harper


Police deserve

better facilities

Monmouth is a great place to live. It is home to a super university, great schools, good churches and lots of good, clear-thinking people.

City leadership is strong, services are economical and universally high in quality.

Ballot Measure 27-106 will let us purchase and refurbish the former Boise Cascade building to provide a new home for our police. We are fortunate to be served by an excellent police department staffed by well-trained officers under the superb leadership of Chief Tallan.

Vote "yes" on 27-106 and give our police the excellent facilities they need and deserve.

Jim Beaird-Leeper


Garage sale fee

simply ridiculous

The garage sale fee is one of the most ridiculous things our Dallas city fathers have come up with.

Just think how many nickel, dime and 25-cent sales it takes to earn $8.

Consider the sales held to help people with unexpected accidents, illness, fires, etc. This is a way we all can come together in our community to help those in need that we otherwise would not be able to do alone.

Our senior group at church holds a sale every year or two. We've used our money to help a family whose utilities were about to be turned off, to pay for a family to continue receiving food from Gleaners, for mission projects and many projects at church, with unsold items going to charity.

Would the city help meet these needs? I think not. The $8 fee may not sound like much to those at city hall, but it might mean a week's supply of milk and bread for a person in need.

It's our property and our stuff. Why should we have to pay the city to sell it or give it away? Maybe we should go back to calling them "rummage sales" or "flea markets."

I take my hat off to those on the council who spoke on behalf of the citizens of Dallas; the others hopefully will pay for it at the next election. The council was elected to serve the people, not dictate our life. Which of our freedoms will be next to go?

Gladys Henson


Monmouth levy not

a 'win-win' scenario

Monmouth City Council members seem to have gotten themselves into a "lose-lose" position with their promotion of the excessively large, expensive and poorly located police station levy.

If the levy passes, the residents of Monmouth lose by having a prime job and property tax-producing building taken out of the local economy, and police services removed from the city center.

If the levy fails, the question arises as to the council's ability as stewards of Monmouth's reasonable growth and prosperity.

Please vote "no" on levy 27-106.

Paul Sieber


Local seniors need

property tax relief

Due to high property taxes many seniors are losing their homes due to the inability to pay.

Property tax relief is needed badly for seniors with low incomes. Finally, HB3498 is being introduced for that reason but support from the public is needed to ensure the revenue committee takes a tax work group this week.

Show your support of this bill that would put a cap on property taxes for seniors by phoning Rep. Phil Barnhart, chairman of the Revenue Committee, at 503-986-1411 and Rep. Jules Bailey, vice chairwoman, at 503-986-1442 as soon as possible asking for their support.

We need action this legislative session otherwise it will be lost for another year. It is at the very least a start in the right direction. You could ask your own representatives to support it also ... participate in your government for results.

Property taxes are rising 3 percent a year while Social Security remains stagnant. Your help is needed now.

Lorraine Anderson


Additional city tax

liability unneeded

Monmouth would like to purchase the Boise Cascade complex on Highway 99W in Monmouth for a new police complex.

The proposed bond's initial cost is projected at $4 million. Will a $4 million bond hire more police officers, buy police cars, increase the presence of police officers, speed response times, increase bond indebtedness, pay for supervision of jail occupants, or worse, complicate financing Monmouth's future comprehensive program?

Would it be too novel a concept to finally retire a taxing bond liability (library bond) without increasing the tax liability in the form of a $4 million police complex bond?

Please vote.

Don Barry



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