8/14 MI Town: Patty Taylor Dutcher

MONMOUTH/INDEPENDENCE -- It was wonderful to see so many people enjoying the Polk County Fair last week, where there was something for everyone to enjoy. We always look forward to visiting the FFA Alumni booth for fresh corn on the cob, which was outstanding. Seeing the young people involved in 4-H and FFA gives everyone a good and positive feeling about what's good in our world. Unfortunately, the 6 o'clock news rarely showcases stories about these kids, but focuses more on sensational stories of all the bad things that happen daily in the cities and small communities alike. Seeing the accomplishments of many of our youth and the dedication shown by their parents, I'm optimistic that our future is in very good hands.The summer concerts in Main Street Park and at the Riverview Park and Amphitheater -- where weekly movies are also featured during July and August -- just keep getting better and better. What could be more fun on a summer evening than packing a picnic supper and spending a great time with friends and family, listening to a variety of excellent entertainers. Time is passing quickly and these special summertime events will soon be over for another year. Thanks to everyone who has worked so hard to make these evenings so special for everyone in MI Town.Even in MI Town, it's not all sunshine and flowers, and bad things do happen to good people. Lately, there have been a number of thefts in our immediate neighborhood -- a bicycle, yard and garden items, and even a power-sprayer were taken from several homes. These crimes have caused real hardship for those affected, and have taken away a sense of security that we live in a community where we don't have to worry about someone stealing things from our yards and garages. People have worked hard to buy items that were stolen, and will have to work even harder to replace them. If you have any information about these crimes, please call either of MI Town's police departments.Recently, I was talking to several people about the joys of living in MI Town when a friend stated that she wished she was rich and could maybe have some influence with those who enforce city rules and codes. Sadly, she felt that concerns and complaints about neighbors with yards filled with trash and debris would not be heard, and that nothing could be done. More than one person agreed with her, and talked about their difficulties and frustrations with getting problems solved in MI Town. So many positive things are happening in our communities, and it would be great if citizens felt their concerns were being addressed.


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