Marr Bros. Bark requests rezoning

MONMOUTH -- Homeowners and a local business are butting heads as a long-running land use issue is again heating up in Monmouth.Marr Bros. Bark, 875 Pacific Highway S., has made its second request in as many years for the city to rezone a portion of its property from low density residential to industrial.While this request is for the northwestern 7.46 acres of the 26.29 acre property, the first request was for a 16.29 acre plot that contained the same plot as the newest request.Monmouth residents -- most coming from the Edwards Addition subdivision to the east of the business -- and Marr Bros. representatives voiced their opinions at the Monmouth City Council meeting Aug. 6.Most concerns from residents focused on the noise and smell associated with the Marr Bros. operation and that rezoning the portion of land requested by the company would further escalate the problems.Marr Bros. representatives countered that those concerns have been dealt with and that residents could expect no increased noise or smell if plans move forward.If the council approves the rezoning request, Marr Bros. plans on moving the public retail arm of their operation to the newly-zoned area.The process is now in a rebuttal stage, which allows Marr Bros. to rebut new information given by residents after the council meeting.The council will take up the subject again Sept. 3 for an up-or-down vote or for further deliberation.


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