9/4 Pedee News: Arlene Kovash

Family reunions abound at this time of year and Daniel and Heidi Russell had two back to back.Heidi's parents, Linda and Jon Hovet, live south of Eugene but the family met at the North Albany Park on Aug. 18, which was a central location for all the aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters and their families.Daniel's mom's family met at Lowell State Park on Aug. 25, where his sister, aunts, uncles and cousins had a great time visiting. His parents, Jay and Phyllis Russell, live in Pleasant Hill.The Russell kids -- Allana, Alex, Abby, Aliyah and Arwyn -- loved getting to know their cousins on both occasions.--Bill and Louisa Gonyou invited the Pedee Women's Club to lunch at their home in Oregon City on Aug. 28, so nine members and husbands carpooled from Rickreall. Those going were Juandeane Skidmore, Marge Robertson, Marguerite and Mel Nice, Norine Weiland, and Judy and Bill Dixon. Louisa is an avid gardener and her lush yard shows it. She also collects glassware, which was a joy to see.--Paul and Diane Telfer hosted a luncheon for the 80th birthday celebration of Paul's mother, Martha, on Aug. 24. Martha's brother Robert Gregory, his wife Pam, and daughter Angie came from Salem for the celebration. Also attending were her son Jonathan and his two children, Micah and Selah, and Paul and Diane's son David and his wife Kelly, with their daughter Te  and her daughters Amber and Helena, and Helena's husband Keith Christiansen and daughter Calista. The family loved seeing Diane's flower and vegetable gardens.


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