2/13 MI Town: Patty Taylor Dutcher

The brightly colored hearts and flowers remind us all that Thursday is St. Valentine's Day. Whether we celebrate with candy, flowers, a book, a special card, or good wishes for our family and friends, we all have a special opportunity to thank those whom we love and care for.

It's a wonderful day to celebrate love, romance and friendship -- no matter who we are. I'd like to send Valentines to many of the folks in MI Town who are doing good things all year long.

To everyone at our local schools and Western Oregon University who work hard to provide an excellent education to our younger generation, thank you for sharing your gifts with our best and brightest students and giving them the opportunity for a bright and happy future.

Thanks to the teachers, assistants, clerical folks and the men and women who keep our schools neat, tidy and safe; and those who are there to help with physical and emotional needs, as well. Thank you to the students who come to WOU from all over the world -- you keep us young and give us an opportunity to become more involved in many campus activities.

The color red often signifies danger to our local firefighters and police officers, so wouldn't it be nice if they received some kind and caring wishes as well? They are also our friends, neighbors and the people we meet in grocery lines and at the post office. We can be assured they are always ready to help when the need arises.

Bright red valentine wishes to all of our other city and county workers, and our sanitation and utility crews who keep our communities bright and shining, too. We appreciate all the good things you are doing to make MI Town the wonderful community it is.


We can show our community spirit and contribute what we can to help Kenn Kennaman, a 19-year-old Dallas resident who was seriously injured when another driver ran through a stop sign and crashed into his Volkswagen Bug.

Frozation Nation, located at the corner of Clay Street and Highway 99W in Monmouth, is hosting a fundraiser and raffle with some really great prizes on Feb. 25 from 11 a.m. until midnight, with 100 percent of the proceeds going to help with medical expenses.

Thanks to Joe and Teresa Hutchinson, Lance and Kristina Donnelly (Frozation Nation); Sysco Foods; Larry and Tiffany Sykes (Mungo Signs); Sean Hanson, DMD; and Kappa Sigma Fraternity, Wolves Fostering Hope, and Tina Fuchs, WOU dean of students, who are working together to make this a special event.

For more information: Tabitha Vedder, 503-871-8145; email to tjvedder79@gmail.com.


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