Digital upgrade campaign at Fox still in progress

A gift card sales campaign to purchase a new digital projector for the Dallas Fox Theatre -- and also the Star Theatre in Stayton -- is moving slower than owner Jeff Mexico had hoped.Mexico launched the campaign earlier this year to replace the theaters' film projectors. With film copies of movies becoming difficult to find, the upgrade is necessary to stay in business.So far only about $8,000 has been raised for the Fox upgrade and $17,000 for the Star. A new system would cost about $38,000 for each theater. Mexico may look into used systems to save money, but also has a "Plan B" -- selling Courtyard Coffeehouse.The Mexicos took over the Motor-Vu, Fox Theatre and the coffeehouse as a package deal in 2007. Mexico said he is looking to lighten his work schedule and thought the sale could also help fund the upgrades.A handful of people have shown interest in the business in the time it's been on the market."We are hoping one of them will grab it," Mexico said. "Then we will use those funds to install digital at the Fox and the Star."Those interested in purchasing gift cards -- good for tickets and the concession stand -- to help install a digital projector at the theater can do so on the Fox website: The cards do not have expiration dates.--Jolene Guzman


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