6/12 Letters to the Editor

Fund established at area food bank I want to inform the Dallas community of a memorial fund that has been started by the Dave McGuffey family in his honor for the Dallas Food Bank.Dave was a great advocate for the food bank. He was instrumental in starting the Trinity Lutheran Golf Tournament so that the food bank could distribute 100 turkey dinners with all the trimmings each Thanksgiving and was trying to find a larger facility for the food bank.This fund is designated for the purchase of refrigerators, freezers and other equipment needed for the operation of the facility.Donations may be given to Barbara McGuffey in person or can be sent or taken to the Dallas Wells Fargo Bank, designate "Dave McGuffey Memorial Fund."Leonard HlavinkaDallas Take time to fight hunger nationwide Hunger effects 50 million people nationwide -- 17 million of which are children. Some of those effected live in our community -- we may even see them on a day-to-day basis without realizing that one of their most basic needs goes without being met.Those of us who are more fortunate can do things to help, either by donating our time to volunteer at a local food pantry such as the Western Oregon University food pantry, Ella Curran Food Bank, the Salvation Army or through many other local charities, or by donating directly via financial contributions.I am a student at WOU and first set out to write this letter as part of an exercise in civic action for a class. However, the more I researched hunger the more I found that it poses a serious threat to society.How can we, as members of one of the most prosperous civilizations in history, stand idly by while those among us go hungry? If I accomplish anything in writing this letter, let it be that at least one other person recognizes that there is a need -- and perhaps even does something to fill it.Isaac KeisterMonmouth Circus fundraiser was a big success I would like to thank everyone who attended the circus May 29 in Falls City. It was a successful fundraiser for the Falls City Arts Council and was great fun for all involved.I would like to especially thank Ragin' River Steak Co. and Lion's Share in Independence, Rick's Place in Monmouth, House of Floors and Dallas City Cleaners in Dallas, and city hall, Frinks General Store, Hometown Grocery and The Bread Board in Falls City for selling tickets.As usual, these events do not happen without help from many members of the community. Thanks again.Barbara Spencer, presidentFalls City Arts CouncilFalls City Food bank donation much appreciated What a gracious and loving community we live in.Everyone that resides here can be very thankful. There's just no place like Dallas, Ore.So Dallas, thank you for all your donations to the Dallas Food Bank. We especially think of the postal letter carriers' food drive last month that collected 7,551 pounds of food, plus several cash gifts.The generosity of all of you is amazing.Betty Krebs-BrennanDallas xxxxx xxxxx


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