7/3 Letters to the Editor

Fireman's breakfast is another success On behalf of the men and women of the Dallas Volunteer Fire Department, please accept our thanks for attending our annual Father's Day Breakfast on June 16.This year's event attracted more than 500 residents and guests.The proceeds from the breakfast support the department's Frank "Harpy" Bovard Scholarship Fund. Each year this fund allows the department to give a high school senior financial assistance for college through a competitive process that includes academics, community service and an interview panel.The members of the fire department appreciate the continued support of the Dallas community. We extend a special thanks to the Starbucks on Ellendale Avenue for its generous donation of coffee that was served during the event.Please stop by the fire station and find out more about your local emergency services team that has served the community since 1878. We are always looking for dedicated volunteers, so consider picking up an application while you are there.We look forward to seeing you all at Summerfest.Eriks Gabliks, presidentDallas Volunteer Firefighters AssociationDallas Dog owner should take responsibility In response to the letter about barking dogs ("Quit complaining about barking dogs," June 26 Itemizer-Observer) ... so, you state that your dogs bark and that people shouldn't complain that they are barking since the dogs were there first.Is there a reason the dogs bark? Is someone coming near the property and are they protecting their environment, or are they bored because you leave them out causing a nuisance for your neighbors?Are your current neighbors working a night shift and need to sleep during the day, or do they work during the day and are home at night? Are your neighbors wanting to enjoy a nice peaceful time at home without the interference of barking dogs?In general, regardless if your dogs are barking and causing a nuisance for your neighbors, your neighbors have every right to complain about your dogs barking regardless who was there first. A dog owner needs to step up and take responsibility for his or her dog.Dave ChristensenIndependence Local restaurants give hand to CASA We had an awesome response to "Dine Out for CASA" on June 4. It was a great success with many restaurants participating.A special thanks goes to these restaurants in Dallas: Tater's Cafe, Chen's Chinese Restaurant, Dallas Health and Vitality Center, Figaro's Pizza and El Pique Taqueria. In West Salem, Odd Moe's Pizza and LimeBerry were quite generous. You guys rock.Raising awareness is one of our primary goals. The other is recruiting qualified people to be a CASA. We still have about 200 children in our county who are waiting for a CASA. Our next training will start in the fall, so please consider joining us in helping these children.Mike BarnettFriends of Polk County CASADallas Explanation from senator's office In response to the Letter to the Editor last week ("Lack of response is disappointing," June 26 Itemizer-Observer):Our senate office (Brian Boquist), along with most, if not all of the legislative offices during session, receives 200-plus emails a day, not to mention hard copy hand-written letters in the mail.On some days we receive an unexpected influx of emails that we call "robo emails," similar to robo calls. These have numbered up to four figures during some periods of the session.We have one full-time legislative assistant, one part-time person and volunteers. We do our best to respond to emails and letters as quickly as possible. I can tell you that no one here would tell a constituent that the senator was too busy to answer their email. Although they may say that the session has become quite intense, and with many bills hitting the floor everyday during these last days, this office is very busy.Also, our office is always open to constituents -- they trump all others in scheduling of appointments.Mr. Harper's email regarding PERS was flagged for personal attention of the senator by the legislative assistant. It was not ignored, it was put in que, and the senator responded on Sunday, June 23.The writer's concerns were addressed, albeit maybe not in the way he desired, but it was addressed.I offer the above only as an explanation of the situation.Peggy BoquistVolunteer Legislative Assistant for Sen. Brian BoquistDallas


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