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*Meyer is worthy of re-election to board*Don't trust city; vote 'no' on bond*Meyer is dedicated to district's youth*Children should be ready at bus stop*Meyer ready for board challenges*New station wo

Meyer is worthy of

re-election to board

I am pleased to support Lu Ann Meyer in her candidacy for Dallas School Board, Position 3.

Many within the Dallas area are familiar with Lu Ann's successful eight years on the school board, including one year as chairwoman. During her 33 years in the Dallas community she has served as president of the chamber of commerce, Rotary and booster club. She has served as a partner with Buhler and Meyer CPA for 17 years.

Join me in supporting Lu Ann Meyer in her great work on the school board May 21.

Bob Brannigan


Don't trust city;

vote 'no' on bond

Ten years ago a new mayor was elected in Independence. He brought with him a positive mental attitude with other people's money.

He and the council initiated a series of risky projects, including Independence Station, Ash Creek Trail, Civic Center and the Conference Center. Repairs to essential infrastructure languished. They hired consultants to advise them, but ignored the citizens. Now they want us to bail them out.

I do not trust them to cease their spendthrift ways and I will vote "no" on the upcoming city bond issue (Measure 27-107). I urge you to do the same.

Ronald M. Cooper


Meyer is dedicated

to district's youth

I have known Lu Ann Meyer for more than 15 years. She has proven to be dedicated to the youth of our community through her Rotary activities and as a member of the Dallas School Board.

I have no reservation in recommending her in her bid for re-election to Dallas School Board Position 3. She will do her very best to assure that our young people receive the best education possible.

Jerry Wennstrom


Children should be

ready at bus stop

I am frequently and unnecessarily delayed while driving to work by children at a school bus stop.

Instead of having their kids wait at the bus stop, the parents park a significant distance away and wait to let them out until the bus has stopped. The children then slowly mosey down the road while all other street traffic comes to a halt.

What is wrong with these people? Aside from the inconvenience to motorists, do these parents really want their kids to be so pampered? God forbid they spend a few minutes waiting outside instead of sitting in the comfy car.

Kids need to learn at some point that the world isn't going to bend over backward to coddle them.

Mateusz Perkowski

Falls City

Meyer ready for

board challenges

It is my pleasure to support Lu Ann Meyer for Dallas School Board, Position 3.

Lu Ann brings a solid business sense and a passion for children to her service on the board. Those qualities plus her many years of experience on the board and her proven commitment to this community, demonstrated by her service on the West Valley Hospital Foundation and as an officer of the Dallas Rotary Club, make Lu Ann a terrific candidate.

Our schools are facing unprecedented challenges. We need board members who are up to meeting those challenges. We need Lu Ann Meyer.

Lane Shetterly


New station would

help crime victims

Currently the Monmouth Police Department is housed in an old library. There is very little office space and almost no privacy for victims who want to report a crime.

Imagine you or a loved one is the victim of a serious and sensitive crime and you have to talk about it in an area where everyone in the building may hear you. Unacceptable.

The plans for a new police station encompass all needs for victims and will provide appropriate private space for all citizens wishing to report a crime.

Join me in voting "yes" for the new police station.

Kelli Carpenter


Many helped make

'Run' a big success

We recently completed the sixth annual Dragon Run and had a turnout of almost 500 runners and walkers from Dallas and nearby communities.

Participants ranged from ages of 4 to 79 and ran distances from .25 miles to 3.1 miles. There were whole families that signed up, staffs from different businesses, teachers, students and athletes, as well as those "road race" runners who go to different runs each weekend.

The goal of the Dragon Run is to provide a safe and fun environment for people to be active and get exercise. We try to keep the cost at a minimum so that lots of people have the opportunity to participate. The Dallas Education Foundation is the beneficiary of any money that is made from the run.

As with any event there is planning that goes into it, and there are people needed to make it all work. On behalf of the Dragon Run Committee, we would like to thank the following for helping to make the Dragon Run as successful as it was: From the high school, the varsity baseball team, varsity softball team, some track team members and members of the high school leadership class; members of the Dallas Education Foundation, the Dallas Fire Department, Officer Rod Dunham of the Dallas Police Department, and several Dallas School District employees.

If you participated, a big thanks to you, too. Please see the information in the April 24 Itemizer-Observer about running times and local sponsors, and visit the Dragon Run Facebook page to see pictures of participants and volunteers.

Hope to see you next year.

Trenda Locke


Assessor's value

on property of note

You will soon be voting on Bond Measure 27-106 that, if passed, will provide about $4 million to purchase property and renovate it for a new Monmouth police station.

The property is the vacant Forest Capital building (formerly Boise Cascade) near the intersection of Highway 99W and Church Street in Monmouth.

The Polk County Assessor's Office provides the following appraisal information on the Forest Capital building property for the year 2013:

* Assessed Value: $694,810.

* Real Market Value: $1,258,460.

Perhaps this information will assist you in making an informed vote on this issue.

Robert C. Lamb


Candidate has right

skill set for post

During my tenure on the Dallas School Board I worked with many fine colleagues over the 16 years. Lu Ann Meyer was one of the best.

She has an excellent blend of compassion for kids, appreciation for teaching staff, and expertise in policy/financial matters. These attributes are important in seeing that our kids receive the best shot at a fine education.

The board and administration have been through many challenging times in the past 10 years and we cannot expect it to change much in the next few years. Let's elect Lu Ann to help carry forward the advances necessary.

Bob Ottaway


Safety key benefit

of a new station

The Monmouth Police Officer Association fully endorses the new Monmouth Police Station bond.

The new station will provide for the safety of all employees and citizens who might enter the station to make reports or request assistance.

Currently there are no secure areas within the current building to separate suspects from citizens. This creates a hazard for all persons who enter our department. While supervisors and city officials have done their best to make improvements to our current building, it simply is a space that was never meant to house a police department.

Vote "yes" and support local police.

Jeff Rose


Meyer works hard

to help Dallas kids

Re-elect Lu Ann Meyer to the Dallas School Board.

I have had the privilege of working with Lu Ann in our Rotary Club and have been encouraged by her on several occasions to help students. Because of Lu Ann I am now a mentor to a high school student. I have seen her work tirelessly for the betterment of Dallas' young people.

We are very lucky that she wants to continue working on the school board. I hope you will join me in supporting her.

Susan Morrill


Voters can look

ahead to 2016

On the May 21 mail-in ballot you can "vote" for the 2016 U.S. presidential candidate of your choice. Simply write the name of that person in the top margin of the ballot in the upper right-hand corner.

After the election is over, all ballots have been certified and the deadline to contest certification of the election has passed, a citizens' committee will count, record and report the results of your votes.

Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Libertarians, Environmentalists, Constitutionalists, Progressives and all other voters can take advantage of this unique opportunity to let your voice be heard in the 2016 presidential candidate selection process.

Ron Finster


City police bond is

'deal of the century'

I fully support the Monmouth Police Station bond measure.

We have a great police department and they, and we as citizens, deserve the tools necessary to provide a safe and secure community. This is "our" police station and it should reflect our civic needs and civic pride.

In my book, less than $3 a month to bring about such a positive change is the deal of the century. Vote "yes" on 27-106.

Sally McClure


Blair would bring

much to district

I encourage voters to support Larry Blair, who is running for Position 1 on the Dallas School Board.

Mr. Blair has a solid background and knowledge related to project management, facilities management and budget management in both the public and private sectors.

Additionally, he is a thoughtful voice of reason and has demonstrated proven effective leadership. Larry would bring understanding and fairness to the Dallas School Board during this time of monumental challenge.

I strongly endorse Larry Blair in the upcoming election for Dallas School Board.

Mel Conrad

West Salem

CCC would benefit

by electing Varney

I am an instructor at Chemeketa Community College and I support Micki Varney to represent Polk County on the Chemeketa College Board.

Micki is an experienced teacher (grades 7-12). Her top priorities are to keep community college affordable in these tough times and to make sure students get the right skills to fill positions available in our local businesses.

Micki understands education inside and out. Her perspective, energy and collaborative attitude will be a great asset to the board.

Join me in voting for Micki Varney.

Lisanne Pearcy


Duo would be good

for Perrydale board

I am encouraging Perrydale voters to support our school and students by voting for both Ken Perkins (Position 2) and Kirk Hutchinson (Position 5) for school board.

Ken Perkins has experience on both the school budget committee for six years and the Perrydale Water Board for three years, aside from recently serving as a volunteer coach at the school.

Kirk Hutchinson has been an instrumental member of the Perrydale community for nearly three decades. His desire to serve the school and community continues with his candidacy for school board. His dedication to the school and students speaks for itself.

Experience matters.

Andi Petrone


Varney is qualified

for Chemeketa post

I am writing in support of Micki Varney for Chemeketa Community College Board, Zone 7.

Micki is well qualified for this position, with a background in classroom teaching, working with state agencies, and city council experience.

A parent and middle school teacher now working for Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, Micki understands how education works, from the first day of school through completion of college. Micki will be effective on the Chemeketa Board, ensuring that the education needs of our citizens, young and old, are met.

Join me in supporting Micki Varney for Chemeketa Community College Board.

Danny Jaffer



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