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5/15 Letters to the Editor

*Fair Foundation board works hard*Meyer brings right approach to board*Oak Street in need of overdue repairs*Library a resource deserving support*FC administrator didn't need a raise*Sponsors, others

Fair Foundation

board works hard

The Polk County Fair Foundation is on the final leg of a major capital campaign to underwrite the purchase of 16 acres immediately adjacent to the fairgrounds. The board of directors is optimistic their goal of $120,000 by July 1 will be reached.

I consider it a privilege to support the work of the foundation's board. There are five directors.

Dallas' Joe Flande is owner of Home Comfort Inc. He values the fair as an asset for local businesses and he sees the fair as a central showcase. Home Comfort sponsored the foundation's display ad that appears in this week's edition of the Itemizer-Observer. Thank you, Joe.

Linda Fox, a CPA, with her husband, Paul Johnson, owns and operates Goat Knoll Farms in Dallas. They produce cashmere fiber. Linda helps the board maintain the integrity of its financial responsibilities. She is also the county treasurer.

Norbert Hartmann chairs the capital campaign. He is immediate past president of the Oregon 4-H Foundation, and he brings to our board a wealth of experience in strategic planning and fundraising. He and his wife, Eileen, live in the Monmouth area.

Anne May attributes her organizational skills to her experiences as a 4-Her growing up, and knows how to translate ideas into reality. The foundation's brick-by-brick program is her brainchild. She and her husband, Jim, live in McCoy. They own a custom duck and goose call business.

The board is rounded out by Howard Pope, a retired grass seed farmer. He originally conceived and implemented the idea of a foundation to support the county fair. Howard is the mortar that helps hold things together and provides continuity to the board's work. He and his spouse, Judy, reside on their Suver-area farm.

Kudos to this board for their commitment and good work.

Roger Fletcher


Meyer brings right

approach to board

Lu Ann Meyer knows that climbing the highest mountain or overseeing the Dallas School District involves taking one step at a time.

It means finding the right path to reach the goal and sticking to that path. It means meeting the challenges along the way instead of dodging those challenges and leaving the path.

Lu Ann brings a practical, common sense and disciplined approach to her role as a school board member. As a Dallas School District voter Lu Ann has earned my support. Keep her working for the district and our young people by voting for Lu Ann Meyer.

Dave Weston


Oak Street in need

of overdue repairs

I would only support, or better yet, back off a strong fight against any special financing or bonds to repair Dallas' residential streets, if the end of Oak Street is made part of the plan.

That section of street is lined by eight houses where the pavement ends and the gravel begins. With a commercial tree cutting business using that section every day our houses get coated every month with black soot from the sand in the gravel. I am shocked that any other street, commercial or residential, has received attention before this one.

The city must realize that we pay the same taxes that everyone else does and to leave us with a street that when used by anyone, let alone a commercial business, destroys our homes is unacceptable.

Randy Wisnia


Library a resource

deserving support

I wish to remind us all of the marvelous resource we share in Dallas: the public library.

They order all the newly published fiction and nonfiction books. One can request any item available throughout the Chemeketa Regional Library System and get it at the local library for no charge.

The librarians are very helpful. We need to support and encourage them.

Paul Moore


FC administrator

didn't need a raise

I would like to know how Falls City can justify cutting positions because of budget shortfalls while giving the city administrator a raise?

Where is the conscience and logic in this? Seems like the administrator is willing to put others to the chopping block to justify a salary and a position that many residents feel is not warranted.

It is shameful in these times to do this. That salary could buy a lot of services that are lacking in this community. Shame on the Falls City administration.

Robert Smera

Falls City

Sponsors, others

key to WOU event

Thank you to all of our amazing participants, volunteers and sponsor support for the seventh annual Western Oregon University Sprint+ Triathlon.

The event does not occur without participants wanting to challenge themselves to this event. This event is not successful without the many volunteers who give up their time to ensure our event is safe and secure. This event's safety and reputation is not possible without the support of sponsors as well.

Our event was a bit smaller this year, but the day was beautiful and the event ran smoothly.

Thank you again for all of your support to our sponsors: Various WOU departments, Joynt Family Chiropractic, Big Town Hero, Oregon Rain, Monster Energy Drinks, Muscle Milk, Oregon School of Massage, GU Energy, Five Star Sports and Jennie Rummell Massage Therapist.

If you or your business is wondering how you can be involved, let us know; we can help you find a way to join this great event. Check us out at or on Facebook at

Elke Asleson and Melissa Ineck


Choir performance

proved to be a hit

Anyone who did not attend one of the recent concerts put on by the Dallas Community Choir, made up of Dallas High School students and members of the Dallas community, missed out on a wonderful entertainment opportunity.

Director Slade Thackeray's performance alone was well worth the price of admission -- at $2 a steal if there ever was one.

The choir presented a variety of Gilbert and Sullivan songs in a manner that would have made the songwriters proud. Very simply stated, it was a superb performance.

If you are interested in hearing the Dallas High School Choir, directed by young Mr. Thackeray, sing, its next performance will be at the annual Memorial Day Service, May 27, at the Dallas Cemetery.

It should be noted that Slade Thackeray and his sister, Malena, have kept choir music alive -- and, very obviously, well -- at Dallas High School and in our community as volunteers.

Paul Mannen


Meyer one of kids'

biggest supporters

It is my pleasure to support Lu Ann Meyer for Dallas School Board.

Lu Ann has always shown compassion and dedication for kids and is a huge supporter of our schools. Lu Ann has served diligently on the school board for eight years and is a champion for our children's education.

I have had the privilege of working with Lu Ann in the Rotary Club. I am encouraged with the ways she serves and that she has a passion for what she does.

Join me in re-electing Lu Ann so that our children can continue having one of their biggest supporters.

Dr. Rusty Morrill


Use common sense

in dry conditions

The 40-acre BLM/Gooseneck fire was half a mile from our home.

We wish to give a huge, appreciative "thank you" for the incredible response by Sheridan, Southwest Polk, Amity, West Valley and McMinnville fire departments; the Dallas, Eugene and South Fork Tillamook Oregon Department of Forestry; helicopters dumping water; and the bulldozer that carved a line at the top to keep it from spreading to the homes below.

They are all our heroes. Thank you for your dedication and hard work.

The fire was started by someone shooting on a clear-cut covered with dead wood and brush, a real tinderbox. This area is used almost every day for target shooting and occasional campfires, but it is not intended for that use.

We are gun advocates, but we feel this is not a safe area for target practice during the dry season. Our community of homes begins one-half mile away. Fires can spread so quickly that people would be lucky to escape from their homes, but have no chance to evacuate their horses, cattle and pets. We were very lucky this time that the wind gusted and blew the fire away from us.

During the dry season this area needs to be posted "No shooting or campfires, fines applied," and patrolled for enforcement. It has cost our community a great deal of money for emergency response, helicopters, water and extended days of ground crews, tankers and helicopters. We are just so lucky there was no loss of life or homes this time.

And people are up there shooting again.

Cheryl Hudson


City police bond is a

win-win proposition

Measure 27-106 is a win-win proposition for the people and police of Monmouth.

Monmouth's Police Station is substandard and must be replaced. Conversion of the Boise building into a police station will give our officers a building that meets their needs. This is clearly a win for our department.

Conversion of the Boise building will be $1 million cheaper than a new building. This incredible opportunity is a win for the people of Monmouth.

If not now, when? If not here, where? What will the cost be if this opportunity is ignored?

Vote "yes" on 27-106, a win-win for all.

John Oberst


Volunteers helped

make park shine

Thank you to all the volunteers who painted the ballpark at Roger Jordan Community Park.

The Dallas community hosted a sporting event the weekend of May 4-5 that was a huge success. Annie Hensley organized the concessions, Ty Jones fixed anything that was broken, volunteers helped with field maintenance, and John Kiggins directed a great baseball tournament.

Fans from Albany, Monmouth, Independence, Barlow and Beaverton walked away from the event with admiration and hope -- a hope that some day, all communities can pull together for a common good.

In these times of economic troubles and social unrest, the Dallas community proved that love and compassion still rule.

I am proud of my baseball family and I am proud to be a Dragon.

Thom Price


Earls very qualified

for Chemeketa post

As a supporter of community colleges in Oregon, I want our representative on Chemeketa Community College's board to be Betsy Earls.

She understands the education and training needs of this community, as well as the importance of being a careful steward of public funds.

As a longtime resident of Polk County and current member of Chemeketa's board, Betsy knows the challenges Chemeketa faces. She will make sure Chemeketa addresses Polk County's needs now and in the future.

Rarely do we have the opportunity to elect someone as well qualified as Betsy for Chemeketa's board. Join me in voting for her.

Kathryn Dysart


Meyer's passion is

quality education

Vote for Lu Ann Meyer for a third term on the Dallas School District Board, Position 3.

Lu Ann has a long history as a very active advocate for our schools and educating our kids. Her passion for quality education predates her board service. As a school board member she has gained a good knowledge of the economic challenges facing our schools and has applied her business expertise with a goal of doing what is best for kids.

Lu Ann is an asset to our community. We are pleased she is running for a third term.

Michael Timmerman


Bond an intelligent

move by Monmouth

I love living in Monmouth. I got involved in local government and found the only concern there is to do the right things for Monmouth citizens.

I also became interested in the bond for a new police department. My background in construction management and law enforcement gave me an informed opinion. It is an intelligent move for Monmouth.

Recently I found a red piece of paper on my doorstep. It listed some contentious questions about the bond. I've consulted local officials and found those implications to be unwarranted.

The best course is to approve this bond. Mark "yes" for 27-106.

Mike Dressel


Blair has vision for

future of district

Larry Blair will be there for the kids of Dallas.

Larry has volunteered on behalf of children, coached sports and been on the big brother program. Larry shows up for the school board meetings.

I endorse Larry, who is running for Position 1 on the Dallas School Board, for the vision to come up with constructive ideas for the future of the Dallas School District.

Larry W. Sundberg


Time to invest in

city police is now

Public safety is perhaps the most important function of local government. Over the past few years, Monmouth has invested in its sewer, water and electrical systems. Now it's time to invest in a new home for our police.

Passage of Measure 27-106 will fund the purchase and conversion of the former Boise Cascade building into a police station for Monmouth's future while saving $1 million compared to building new. Best of all, this bond will cost the average household under $31 per year.

Vote "yes" on 27-106, the smart investment in the future of public safety in Monmouth.

Sharon Oberst


Meyer working to


schools great

During the many years that I have known Lu Ann Meyer, her driving passion has been to make Dallas' school system the best it can be.

Her dream is a system that not only meets the needs of every student, but challenges every student to constantly reach for higher goals.

Lu Ann has been frustrated by the economical restraints all Oregon schools have felt, but this has not stopped her from constantly working to get smaller steps in place that enhance student learning and attitudes.

Join me in re-electing Lu Ann Meyer to the school board. No one will work harder or smarter.

Jim Fairchild


Bond would raise

taxes minimally

Facts about the Monmouth Police Station bond:

* The average homeowner will pay only $31 per year in new taxes. That is only about $2.58 per month.

* Renovation of the former Boise Cascade building will cost an estimated $1 million less than building a brand new station.

* There is no jail in the proposed plan for the new station. The current plan shows two temporary holding rooms in the booking area for security purposes. All persons requiring incarceration will continue to be transported and held in the Polk County Jail.

Thank you for supporting the future of police services in Monmouth.

Darrell Tallan


Blair ready to serve

as board member

Larry Blair is a man of principle who has made a commitment to represent the youth of our community.

He is running for Position 1 on the Dallas School Board to insure that our children get the education and tools needed to compete successfully in the marketplace.

He has been attending the school board meetings for the past several months to broaden his knowledge in preparation for this election. I encourage you to support Larry with your vote.

Alan Minton


Meyer has a vested

interest in children

I have had the pleasure of knowing Lu Ann Meyer for five years and would like to proudly endorse her for re-election to the Dallas School District Board, Position 3.

Her proven willingness and ability to help serve the Dallas community and school district is honorable. She has experience, competence and a true vested interest in the success of our children.

I am confident she will strive to meet the ongoing needs for our schools.

Khari Applewhite


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