10/23 Letters to the Editor

Vote `Yes' on Measure 27-109 Let's support effective governance in Polk County. Join me in ensuring that our public safety departments will have adequate staffing to fulfill their responsibilities to Polk County residents.We want to know that essential services are available to us when needed in emergencies and for daily routine work. The investment we are being asked to make to supply a dependable source of revenue is relatively small, and Polk County's total general fund levy rate will still be less than surrounding counties.Vote "yes" for Polk County Public Safety Measure 27-109.Jean SherbeckDallas All benefit from public safety levy I am asking you to support the Polk County public safety levy (Measure 27-109).Many people I have talked to believe this levy is only for residents who live in rural areas. The truth is that all Polk County residents will benefit from the levy if it is approved.The Polk County "safety net" needs repairs. We need deputies on patrol, a jail that has beds, and a district attorney to prosecute cases. Your "yes" vote will help restore staffing for essential public safety services.Help repair the "safety net" that all Polk County residents rely on.Eriks GabliksDallas No vote on levy, stop tax increase In regard to the proposed public safety tax levy several questions come to mind: If this tax levy passes it inevitably will create financial hardship for many Polk County residents. Does any compassion exist for those that will be harmed by this tax increase? Is it wealth elitists who believe they know best who are attempting to cram this tax increase down our throats? Vote a rounding "NO!!!"Faye FreiDallas Levy approval protects livability When my wife and I decided to move to Dallas 20 years ago it was because we did our homework on the community. We liked the area and the people, but most of all we liked the livability of the extended community. A big reason was that it was well known that, in Polk County, if you commit a crime you go to jail and you stay there. Now it is up to the citizenry of Polk County to decide if funding the programs vital to our Criminal Justice System is important. Join me in voting YES on Measure 27-109.Michael HolsappleDallas Misleading endorsement Mike Nearman's Opinion, printed Oct. 14, 2013 in the Itemizer-Observer, is misleading. By identifying himself as Polk County Republican Chairman, it gives the impression other Republicans are of like mind. Nothing could be further from the truth. If one reads the 2013 Oregon Republican Party Platform, they will see the first plank, Crime and Justice says, "We support the highest prioritization for the funding of Public Safety." I grieve the fact not all are as committed to that party platform priority. Instead, please vote "YES" on the Public Safety Levy.Mel ConradSalem Yes vote continues district's needed services I'm voting YES on Ballot Measure 27-110 to support Polk Co. Fire District No.1. Measure 27-110 will ensure that critical first responders have the training and equipment they need. Fire District crews risk their own lives to protect our lives and property and we need to support these essential services.Mark FanceyMonmouth Voter approval needed for levy Opponents of the public safety levy made statements that aren't true. It is not true that public safety can use funds allocated to other county departments, because the entire county budget has been reduced over the last five years. It is not true that public safety employees have been given extravagant pay increases. The truth is: over the past 10 years county population has grown 15%, 911 calls up 20%, public safety employees down 20%. Polk County Democrats, Republicans, Unions, elected officials, community and business leaders predominantly support this measure. It has wide spread community and bipartisan support.Lynnette HenshawDallas WESD leaders should step down It's time the Governor and the newly appointed head of public schools step in and remove the so-called leaders of the Willamette Education Service District. I'm sure some of the board members are innocent of ethnic charges, as they only know what the leaders in question tell them but it is their job to make sure everything is done right.Almost a decade of problems and misuse of public tax dollars that were supposed to go to k-12 students education are gone. With these lost moneys many, many additional teachers could be in the classroom today helping ease the over crowding and give these students additional education but instead teachers and instructors were laid off.Again remove these people with no so-called "golden parachutes" just show them the exit door.Bill J. KlutingMonmouth


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