Monmouth annexation would add 5.6 acres

MONMOUTH -- It's been six years since the last annexation measure appeared before Monmouth voters.That 2007 measure was a 34 acre parcel on Riddell Road.This time it's the remaining 5.6 acres of a 19 acre parcel south of Ash Creek Drive West that was annexed by the city in 1998.Owners Brian and Cheryl Sparks received tentative approval for annexation of the property from the Monmouth City Council in June and Measure 27-108 was placed on the ballot June 19.No concrete plans are in place to develop the property yet, but the city requested the remaining portion be annexed to allow for future development."We haven't seen any subdivision plans, or anything like that, but it provides them that opportunity," said Mark Fancey, Monmouth community development director. "Getting it in the city makes it available for urban subdivision type of development, which you can't do when you're out in the county."Any plans to develop the property, if the measure is approved, are benefited by the fact city services already run to the property and its proximity to city limits.The annexation process moved quickly and easily through the city council, largely because it met the necessary criteria and the issue of development is not pressing.The already annexed portion of the Sparks' property is currently zoned single family residential, the same designation would also be applied to the 5.6 acres in question, if approved.The Sparks' property lies within the city's urban growth boundary and contains a portion of South Fork Ash Creek.This portion of Ash Creek is protected by a conservation easement and would remain so through annexation.Ongoing restoration measures including tree planting, maintaining the creek wetlands and nutria control would also not be affected by annexation."We don't have any particular build plans but we're willing to get it annexed to satisfy the city's requirements," Brian Sparks said. "Whenever development looks like it's going to be a workable option and whenever the economy provides, we wanted to be ready for it."


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