10/30 Letters to the Editor

Public safety a key function of county Many of you have received your ballots by now. Please remember that the most important charge of our government is public safety.Measure 27-109 is the Polk County public safety local option tax authorization. This levy will help pay for needed law enforcement services for Polk County. This money would restore 24-hour patrol, help prosecute crimes, fund our drug interdiction team, supervise adult offenders, and restore jail positions, among other things.Join me in voting "yes" on 27-109.Randy SassMonmouth Levies would hurt small businesses The proposed new tax levies for county public safety and the local fire district would bring the rates up to a level to where it would kill business for Independence Cinema.We are a small business that cannot raise its prices because it will be too expensive to go to the movies.The city raised our utility tax by 10 percent. The suppliers charge us fuel surcharge. The minimum wage goes up every year.How can we survive when people's discretionary income is nonexistent and is all eaten up with higher taxes?Elie G. Kassab, president/CEOE.G. Kassab Companies/Prestige DevelopmentIndependence CinemaVancouver, Wash. Politicians letting world pass us by In his guest opinion piece ("Levy isn't answer to funding issues," Oct. 16 Itemizer-Observer), it seems the author wants all functions of government to be free.Yes, Polk County is suffering from the shortsightedness of the politicians, and also the Republican party, which shut down the U.S. government and made us the laughing stock of the world. No matter what we feel, we can't make it in the world alone.Prineville appears to be an exception to the rule; it has huge companies locating there. It seems the politicians in Polk County are fast asleep with no help from the Republican Party.The world is passing us by.Morty FederDallas Need for safety levy here is great I volunteer on the Victim Impact Panel for first time DUII offenders. Some 45 to 60 people attend the panel every other month. Participants are there because law enforcement personnel, in particular sheriff patrol deputies are protecting us from people who are driving under the influence.Reduced county funding means we have less deputies on the road at any given time. When national statistics say that after 10 p.m. on the weekend 1-in-3 drivers is under the influence, having few deputies on the road is not OK.I encourage voters to approve the Polk County public safety operating levy.Ken BraunDallas Why does county need more money? I have been reading with interest the letters about passing the Polk County public safety tax levy. I am here to ask why the county needs more money to operate?The county can raise your property taxes by 3 percent and the inflation rate has been between 1 percent and 2 percent for the last five or six years -- anyway, that's what I've been getting on my retirement check.It seems to me that they are ahead of the game, so as I said before, "Why?" I am voting against the tax levy.Walt DaviesMonmouth DHS frosh football squad has big year For those of you who were not there, the Dallas High School freshmen football team defeated Lebanon on Thursday night in an incredibly exciting game, winning 14-13.The Dragons are 7-0 for the season, giving them the freshman football Mid-Willamette Conference championship.Many of these players have played together for six years, including five years with coach John Strader in Kids, Inc. and Pop Warner football. They are a great bunch of talented kids who have been taught the meaning of team playing, good sportsmanship and life values.Congratulations to the coaches, kids, parents and all who helped them along the way. Dallas, these are your future varsity players. How about a big cheer for them.Leslie DarlandDallas Commitment to LVCS future is appreciated Warmest congratulations to Luckiamute Valley Charter Schools board of directors and school director Dan Austin on the purchase of LVCS school property.This is an excellent investment that ensures long-term success of Luckiamute Valley Charter Schools and demonstrates a strong commitment to maintaining an independent public school within our community.Thank you to all who negotiated the purchase of the property and work so diligently to support ideas and projects that benefit LVCS students.Wendy SparksPresident, LVCS PTODallas Subject of story wants to acknowledge others Having read the "World of knowledge lands on Dallas Farm" by Landon Kafka (Oct. 16, Itemizer-Observer), I am humbled for the attention and compliment.Landon is a very nice young man with an incredible enthusiasm for his trade and genuine pleasure to meet and converse with. We are enthused to be part of the community and appreciate everyone in the area who have been so supportive to our endeavor.I would however ask for a chance to clarify our efforts. Although we have repaired and brushed the many pre-existing waterfowl blinds on the property, we did not build the handicapped blind that was mentioned in the otherwise excellent article. The blind was actually constructed by the previous owner, Mr. Ron Harland and his friends some years ago. It is quite a unique blind which was done with much concern and consideration for those that might not otherwise be accommodated. Please ensure that credit is duly assigned to Mr. Harland's group.With much appreciation.Ray BellantDallas Drivers must follow safety precautions I would love to know how or what it takes to get people of all ages to slow down and look both ways before they pull out of a driveway or side street.I drive a semitruck and we do not stop on a dime. These trucks weigh more than 80,000 pounds and take a long time to get rolling up to the speed limit again.This request goes for school bus drivers also. Trust me, I will call your employer if you pull out in front of me. I have done it before and I will do it again.We hear on the news or see accidents everyday. The old saying that "it won't happen to me" is not a good excuse. I'm a good driver -- wet ground, snow and ice changes things fast. Saving 5 seconds is not going to make a difference in your day. Or maybe it will? You might be dead. Think twice before you pull out in front of a truck or a car for that matter.Please drive safe for everyone.Ron ParisIndependence 'Yes' vote will keep law enforcement working Law enforcement in Polk County works exceptionally well: the police agencies and sheriff's office suppress and investigate crime proficiently, the district attorney's office prosecutes justly, and community corrections manages offenders thoughtfully.Many first-time, low-risk offenders, including juveniles, are held appropriately accountable through diversion programs, and our jail has space for those adults who need it.All of this is good for our community, good for victims and offenders, and good for us as neighbors, but no small part of this exceptionalism is because these agencies have the capacity for it. Let's keep it that way: Vote "yes" on Measure 27-109.John TeagueMonmouth


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